Scarlett Johansson Flashes New Ribcage Tattoo [Photo]

Newly single (or is she?) Scarlett Johansson recently got a new ribcage tattoo reading “Lucky You.”

The actress, who split with boyfriend Nate Naylor in October, has been seen canoodling with Domingo Zapata, ex Jared Leto, and a handful of others in recent months. Regardless of the phalanx of rumors surrounding her, Johansson is for all intents and purposes a single gal, and single gals shake things up when they’re back on the market.

Some get a new haircut, others a new outfit, but Johansson decided to get a new tattoo.

Her right-side ribcage now sports a horseshoe tattoo with the teasing words “Lucky You.”

The tattoo was scribbled onto Johansson’s side by French graffiti and tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk in Paris, after meeting her last week when she stopped by his artist-in-residence session at Le Salon, reports MSN.

The actress proudly lifted her shirt for a photographer, who snapped a pic of her new ink (below).

Fuzi’s work is known for its cartoony-style and broad range of surreal subjects. Johansson’s horseshoe tat is a pretty mild departure from the artist’s broadly risqué portfolio.

Johansson’s “Lucky You” horseshoe tattoo is her newest tattoo, not her first. The actress boasts a sunrise on her left inner-forearm, a bracelet on her right wrist, and an infinity-style tattoo on her right inner-ankle.

Are you a fan of Scarlett Johansson? What do you think of her new tattoo? Picture is below, knock yourself out and sound off in the comments!