Deer Crashes Into Store In Pittsburgh, Runs Amok

A deer crashed into a store and is caught on video as it runs around wildly, causing chaos while workers scramble for cover.

According to The Associated Press, it was a otherwise normal day at Stout Carpeting when the deer crashes into the store. Jill Horvatic, an employee at the store, said she ran for cover as the deer crashed into displays and damaged items in the store.

“I was shaking,” Horvatic told WPXI-TV. “I haven’t felt like that ever in my life. For 20 minutes all I heard was banging and glass shattering. It was horrifying.”

The deer crashed into different parts of the store, banging and crashing its way around as it tried to find a way out. The deer was reportedly stuck inside for close to 30 minutes in total before it was able to escape. Police had to set up barricades and guide the animal to safety.

The entire incident was caught on video from the moment the deer crashes into the store. A news report on the incidents noted that it appeared as if vandals had broken into the store, trashing displays and breaking glass, but it was really the work of an increasingly frightened deer. At one point in the video, a customer comes to the door to enter but quickly runs away when he sees the deer crashing its way through the store.

Though employees were startled and the displays a bit messy when the deer crashes into the store, police said no one was hurt.