Why Doesn't Donald Trump Wear A Wedding Ring? 150,000 Annual Ring Avulsion Injuries Could Be The Reason [Photos]

Why doesn't President Donald Trump wear a wedding ring? That's the question that is on the mind of many people who are asking about President Trump's wedding ring on Twitter on Inauguration Day, Friday, January 20. Close-up videos and photos of Mr. Trump's left hand brought questions about Trump's missing wedding ring. With Mr. Trump's penchant for using big hand gestures, it was easy for viewers to notice that President Trump goes without a wedding ring -- even a simple gold wedding band -- on his left hand. However, January 20 was not the first day that it was noticed that Mr. Trump doesn't wear a wedding ring as seen in photos from months ago of Mr. Trump with a bare ring finger on his left hand.

As reported by the Inquisitr, many people choose not to wear standard wedding rings that are made out of platinum, silver or gold materials. Such metals at times have caused injuries. As a result, many times ring-wearers choose instead to wear wedding bands that are made out of rubber, especially athletes like L.A. Rams lineman Rodger Saffold. As reported by TMZ, Saffold choosing to wear the type of durable wedding band that offers some give works better during active times. Most people remember Jimmy Fallon's injury with his wedding ring; an injury that caused Fallon to nearly lose his wedding ring finger.

Fallon isn't the only person who has decided never to wear a wedding ring again after his injury. Approximately 150,000 ring avulsion injuries per year have caused others to decide to go without wedding rings as well. Whether that's the reason Mr. Trump has decided not to wear a wedding ring remains to be seen. According to the New York Times, Mr. Trump has not explained why he doesn't wear the wedding ring that he wore the day he married Melania Trump in 2005. The publication notes that men who go without wedding rings could be unconsciously signaling their availability despite the public knowing their marital status. However, it is noted that some people simply don't like wearing rings.

As seen in the below photo, President Trump was captured in a photo posted to Facebook in October 2016, with no wedding ring displayed on Mr. Trump's left hand.


In the top photo above, President Trump kissed the hand of Kellyanne Conway. Mr. Trump's missing wedding ring can be seen in the photo with Mr. Trump's campaign manager during the VIP reception and dinner with donors that was held on Thursday, January 19, in Washington.

Meanwhile, social media users noted that President Trump was not wearing a wedding ring during his Inauguration Day swearing-in ceremony and other activities. Some of the reactions to Mr. Trump not wearing a wedding ring on January 20, can be read below.

: "Trump doesn't wear his wedding ring??"

"Is Trump not wearing a wedding ring??"

carmen: "Hey, how come Trump doesn't wear his wedding ring?"

"Anyone notice Trump not wearing wedding ring? Is Melania on the outs?"

: "Donald Trump doesn't have a wedding ring. 2. Mr. Obama wearing a long coat doesn't make HIM look like a cowboy "

"Purely just an observation, but where was Trump's flag pin and wedding ring....?"

"My last drunk tweet is a question: Before Trump, who was the last guy to take the Presidential Oath without a wedding ring on?"

: " is the first EVER to be inaugurated without the flag-pin or a wedding ring: since traditions began! Think about that."

"Anyone else notice that Trump never wears a wedding ring?"

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]