Barron Trump, America’s New First Son, Was Finally Seen At Father’s Inauguration

Barron Trump is America’s new first son. The 10-year-old son of Donald and Melania Trump was finally seen during the inauguration on Friday during his father’s swearing-in at the U.S. Capitol. He was absent during the pre-inaugural festivities that started on Thursday, with observers wondering where Barron Trump was.

On Friday, Barron made his debut on inauguration day walking behind his adult siblings as they made their way to the platform where their father was to take the oath of office. As the whole family descended to their seats, Barron Trump followed, absorbing the pomp and circumstance surrounding the historic event.

The Daily Mail was the first to cover Barron’s appearance at the Trump inauguration as he made his way to the podium where his father was to be sworn in as the president of the United States.

Barron is a boy beyond his years. When one looks at the incredibly tall young man, it’s hard to believe he’s only 10-years-old. He already has his own signature coif and loves wearing suits like his father, as his mother has already shared. He’s been present during post-debate appearances throughout the presidential campaign, the Republican National Convention, and on election night. Barron Trump returned to the spotlight on Friday as his father was sworn in as the nation’s new leader.

America’s first son was seen exiting the private jet that the Trump family arrived on in Washington, D.C., on Thursday at Andrews Air Force Base. He didn’t attend several events held the same day, nor was he seen Friday morning at a church service in Washington. After one of the celebratory concerts held Thursday night in his honor, Donald Trump said Barron was “at home,” meaning the hotel they were staying at down the road.

The 10-year-old’s time came when his father’s official inauguration emerged. Scenes of Barron could be seen as he sat behind his father throughout the inauguration with his mother saying things to him on occasion. The young man was a part of the swearing in as Donald Trump took the oath of office and the youngest Trump son himself became America’s new first son.

When past presidents took their seats near Donald Trump’s section, Vice President Joe Biden shook hands with Barron Trump and the boy gave him a smile.

The Inquisitr covered an article on Barron Trump being the nation’s first son since 1963 when John F. Kennedy, Jr. lived in the White House.

Barron won’t be relocating with his mother to the White House until he finishes school in June. He currently attends Columbia Preparatory and Grammar School in New York City. Melania and Barron will spend the majority of their time at home in Trump Tower until this school year is complete. It was reported shortly after Donald Trump won the election that the presidential campaign was difficult on Barron, and his parents don’t want to make the change more challenging for him than need be.

Barron Trump will stay at the White House with his mother and father for two days before he returns home to New York and resumes school on Monday morning.

The nation has immense interest in Barron Trump as the first son. Little has been reported on him, but the nation will learn more about Donald and Melania Trump’s son throughout the course of the presidency. Melania makes it her mission to protect Barron from the glaring cameras and intrusive media, but he’ll be the subject of several interviews that the first lady will grant to magazines as she fulfills her new role.

[Featured Image by Win McNamee/Pool/AP Images]