Flying Saucer UFO Revealed In Melting Antarctica Ice, According To Alien Hunters [Video]

One of the consequences of melting of polar ice caps due to ongoing climate change is the uncovering of ancient alien structures and technological artifacts that have been buried under ice sheets for thousands of years, according to UFO and alien enthusiasts.

Recently, UFO hunters claimed to have spotted an alien flying saucer UFO parked below the surface of melted ice in the Antarctic region. The UFO, revealed on Google Maps as a result of melting polar ice, is the latest of a series of alien structures and technological artifacts revealed as polar ice sheets melt due to ongoing climate change, according to alien hunters.

The alleged flying saucer UFO was found on Google Maps coordinates 61°33’34.79?S 122 °54’49.76?E.

The latest alleged technological artifact, presumed to be of extraterrestrial origin, was reportedly found in an area of water surrounded by polar ice. The fact that that the structure was perfectly circular proved it was not a natural object but an artificial object.

But some alien hunters claimed that the mysterious anomaly on Google Maps was not a flying saucer UFO, but an ancient underground UFO base revealed for the first time due to the melting of polar ice sheets.

“This amazing structure is not something natural but an underwater base created by an alien race or a secret society who use the base for their secret ‘UFO’ operations.”

However, an enthusiast commenting on UFO Sightings Hotspot argued that the structure was not an underwater base but a UFO disk parked on a mountain peak in Antarctica.

“The photo was taken on Nov. 5th, 2009,” the enthusiast said. “There is another photo taken about 10 weeks later, on Jan. 18th, 2010, that clearly shows that it’s a peak with shadow, rather than water. However, the disc has moved to a different location atop the peak, in the latter pic. This object is only 50 meters wide therefore I rule out [an underwater base] and lean more toward vessel or craft!”

In a post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog, blogger Scott C. Waring also insisted that the object was a flying saucer UFO and not an alien base. He argued that the discovery of a saucer-shaped UFO on Google Maps in a polar region was not surprising.

According to conspiracy theorists, extraterrestrial visitors to Earth deliberately locate major underground bases and other structures in remote, isolated, and inaccessible places, such as on mountains, on the ocean floor and even inside active volcanoes. The polar regions are also favorite sites for the location of massive surface and underground structures, according to UFO hunters.

Recent melting of polar ice caps due to ongoing climate change is revealing the secret ancient treasures of the polar regions.

Melting polar ice is revealing ancient alien structures and artifacts, according to conspiracy theorists. [Image by Durk Talsma/Shutterstock]

But in his analysis of the latest alleged UFO evidence obtained from Google Maps, Waring disagreed with the suggestion that the structure was an alien base or a UFO uncovered recently due to melting ice. He argued that the Google Map anomaly was a flying saucer UFO that recently entered the Earth’s atmosphere from space and landed at a location close to a major underground base on the floor of the ocean.

“Notice that the outer edge of the alien disk is extremely thin, and then it suddenly becomes much thicker with a odd shaped dome over the top, “he commented on his blog.

“Google ruler says the UFO has a diameter of 40 meters,” he continued. “When a craft lands for an extended amount of time, it means there is an alien base nearby. Probably on the floor of the ocean, or maybe in the shallows of the area.”

According to UFO enthusiasts, the discovery of a large UFO parked just below the melting ice on Google Maps demonstrates the cause of the interest that the major powers have shown in the polar regions recently. Recent visits to Antarctica by prominent individuals, such as the outgoing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, were due to expectations that the melting ice would reveal a stunning wealth of ancient artifacts that have remained hidden under thick ice sheets for thousands of years.

Melting polar ice is revealing long-buried massive alien civilization structures, according to conspiracy theorists. [Image by Flaviya/Shutterstock]

UFO conspiracy theorists claim that what U.S. authorities meant when they said that Kerry visited Antarctica to observe the effects of global warming was what he went to see the ancient civilization structures and technological artifacts emerging from under recently melted Antarctica ice.

Similarly, the former U.S. astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 86, visited Antarctica despite advanced old age because of excitement after learning that melting ice was revealing hidden treasures of alien technology long buried under thick ice sheets, according to conspiracy theorists.

The Russian Patriarch Kirill of Moscow also visited a Russian Antarctica outpost on February 18, not to see the penguins as claimed officially, but to see the remains of ancient alien civilization exposed by melting ice sheets, ET chasers claimed.

[Featured Image by Carlos Romeros/Shutterstock]

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