‘Paranormal Lockdown’ Investigates The Bellaire House [Spoilers]

According to the Week In Weird, there’s been quite a bit of talk in the paranormal community concerning the Bellaire House, which is located in southeastern Ohio. Stories of terrifying paranormal experiences have caught the attention of Paranormal Lockdown’s Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, and they decided this was one place they had to investigate.

TV Ruckus shared that when Nick and Katrina interviewed the home’s owner, Kristen Lee, on Paranormal Lockdown, she told them she had to flee the home where she lived with her family because of a dark and violent entity. The history that surrounds the residence is as dark as what supposedly haunts the home itself. A cursed coal mine, Leylines of concentrated energy, Native American burial caves, the Underground Railroad, occult activity, opened portals, and more are reported to have been part of the surrounding area’s history.

Legend has it that the coal mine that was located under the Bellaire House was once owned by Jacob Heatherington. His daughter Eliza inherited the home after he died, but not too long after his passing, Eliza died on the dining room floor of the home. Eliza’s devastated brother Edwin became obsessed with the idea of trying to reach her from the other side, and he brought mediums in to help him communicate with Eliza.

Kristen Lee spent a lot of time researching the history of the home, and her website states that Edwin studied the occult in an attempt to strengthen his own psychic abilities. It is believed that while trying to communicate with his sister, he unwittingly opened several portals inside the home. Unfortunately, despite many attempts to close the portals, they refuse to stay closed, and paranormal experts believe these portals allow almost anything to come through from the other side.

After Edwin’s death, the house passed from one owner to another, and it currently sits empty since no one is able to live there for very long due to so much activity. Bellaire House has been extensively investigated by a myriad of paranormal teams and never seems to disappoint, as investigators have collected EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), REM Pod and spirit box data, and other evidence. Lee’s website goes on to say that the house is the perfect place for paranormal teams to train their new team members.

As for the Paranormal Lockdown investigation, there was so much going on in this home that Nick and Katrina called in paranormal engineering pioneers George Brown and Steve Huff. Paranormal enthusiasts and investigators are familiar with Brown’s famous GeoBox Spirit Communicator, which allows spirits to directly communicate. Huff developed The Portal Wonder Box, which clarifies communications to such a degree that investigators can easily decipher in real time what a spirit is saying, and they can hear the clear vocal tones of the voices that come through. Hopefully, this cutting-edge technology, together with Katrina and Nick’s investigative techniques they use on Paranormal Lockdown, will produce new insight on exactly what is occurring in and around the Bellaire House.

During every Paranormal Lockdown investigation, Nick and Katrina spend 72 hours confined to the property while they search for answers. They believe that this allows the spirits time to grow accustomed to their presence, and in turn, the various entities are more willing to communicate with them on Paranormal Lockdown. So far, this technique has proven successful on previous investigations. A Paranormal Lockdown preview clip of the Bellaire house investigation showed increased interaction and ramped up activity when a strange ball of light appeared, and they received a quick response to a question asked by Nick. Fans of Paranormal Lockdown will have to tune in to discover what else Nick and Katrina learned during their fascinating investigation of the Bellaire House.

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