Trump’s First Night At White House: Slumber Party And A Snooze In Lincoln Bedroom?

President Donald Trump is keeping with tradition as the entire extended Trump family is expected to spend Friday night at the White House for a slumber party-like event. After a very long day of inauguration events on Friday, the entire Trump family is expected to head back to the White House living quarters and eventually don their pajamas to sleep under this one historic roof for the night.

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump fancies a night’s slumber in the Lincoln Bedroom, which is where he may lay his head down for his first night as President Donald Trump. As far as the rest of the family, there are 16 bedrooms in the living quarters of the White House, so this slumber party doesn’t mean sleeping bags on the floor of the living room.

According to Fox News on Friday morning, Donald Trump likes to fly back home and sleep in his own bed at Trump Towers whenever he can, but he and Melania spent Thursday night at Blair House. This historic home sits across the way from the White House and traditionally provides the accommodations for all the incoming presidents the night before the inaugurations.

The nation’s eyes were on Donald and Melania Trump Friday morning as they left the Blair House and headed over for the private mass held at a church down the street from the White House. As Hollywood Life suggests, Melania Trump was a show-stopper, echoing the days of Jackie Kennedy with a upswept hairdo in a light blue outfit that mimicked a long-ago era. Her ensemble mirrored a different time period, but it also had a modern-day flair. Some likened Melania’s look to Audrey Hepburn as she stepped out in her outfit, which was accented with her matching gloves. Whatever look she was going for, she rocked it, according to all the critiques online. She looked like the epitome of “class” and “beauty,” according to some social media users.

After the private prayer service, Donald Trump and Melania made their way over to the White House where President Obama and First Lady Michele Obama greeted them at the curb. They were there to have a simple cup of tea and a chat between the outgoing and incoming presidents and first ladies. As Ainsley Earhardt said on Fox News Friday morning, no one in the world knows what the Trumps can expect like Barack and Michelle Obama. The conversation they will have while the four sip tea will cover any questions Donald or Melania Trump might have about many of the aspects of being in their new positions.

Once the inauguration ceremony is complete, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania, along with the rest of the extended Trump family, will head over to their new home at the White House. When they walk in, they will experience the comforts of home, as everything will be set up as if they have lived there for years. Once the Obamas leave the White House on Friday morning until the time the Trump family arrives with the nation’s newest president, about five hours will have passed. It is within those five hours that the 100-plus White House staff will have made the living quarters in the White House a home for Donald and Melania Trump.

From Donald Trump’s suits hanging in the closet to each family members’ favorite brand of toothpaste, everything is ready and waiting for them. Shower heads in the bathrooms have been changed and lighting fixtures have been taken down and replaced, and it is all done to the Trump family specifications. Melania Trump toured the White House living quarters back in November and all the requirements of the incoming family were noted with plans to put them in place during this five-hour time span. The Trumps have picked out their own furnishings and rugs for their living quarters, which either comes brand new from a store or borrowed from the historic storage area at the White House.

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]