Monterrey School Shooting Video: Disturbing Footage Shows Student, Federico Guevara, Shooting Three Classmates Before Taking His Own Life

Video of a school shooting in Monterrey, Mexico, has hit the internet this week, showing disturbing images of student Federico Guevara opening fire with a handgun inside a classroom, shooting three others before taking his own life.

The shooting happened on Wednesday in the northern Mexican city, with police saying a 15-year-old started firing on classmates with no warning. The boy shot a teacher and two other students before killing himself.

The Monterrey school shooting was seen in a video that hit social media just hours after the horror, showing the carnage and confusion that followed the shooting. In the video, a teacher was seen handing out papers while students sat in their seats and talked to each other, the Associated Press reported.

A student seated near the edge of the camera frame then pulled out a gun and began shooting, taking the classroom by surprise. While still sitting in his seat, the shooter hit a boy seated in front of him, sending the boy immediately falling to the ground. The shooter then took a shot at the teacher, with another bullet striking her.

The Monterrey school shooting video then showed the chaos inside the room as Federico Guevara rose to his feet and continued firing while students dived for cover underneath desks and others stood frozen in place. The shooter fired a few more shots before turning the gun on himself.

As the Associated Press noted, the shooter may have warned classmates to leave, as they began pouring out the door when he made a first unsuccessful attempt to take his life.
"His first shot apparently misses his head, and then he runs out of bullets. The shooter runs to his backpack, apparently to reload, as his classmates cower at their desks. He appears to say something to the surviving students, who begin to rush for the door, and then he shoots himself in the head and falls to the ground.

"The crowded classroom was left with a jumble of overturned chairs, blood and fallen students."

The Mirror noted that the three victims of the Monterrey school shooting were listed in critical condition on Thursday. Alleged gunman Federico Guevara died from his gunshot wound, officials said.

Though Mexico has been wrought with violence largely associated with the drug trade, it has not seen school shootings of this sort, especially compared to the United States. The story immediately hit international news outlets, and many shared video of the Monterrey school shooting when it hit the internet hours later.

Officials were still trying to determine a motive for Guevara's attack, but they said he may have been suffering from depression or some other mental illness.

"He had depression and was being treated," Aldo Fasci, security spokesman for Nuevo Leon, said in an interview with a local television outlet, via the Mirror. "We have no motive yet."

Fasci added that the boy brought the .22 caliber pistol from his home, but that officials weren't sure how he was able to get it into the school. The nation once instituted a program to check book bags at school entrances, the Associated Press noted, but some regions have moved away from the program.

"There was a reason why book bags were checked. I think we are going to have to start doing it again," Fasci told the Associated Press.

For those interested in seeing the Monterrey school shooting video, some edited footage can be found here.

[Featured Image by Emilio Vazquez/AP Images]