Abby Lee Miller Slams 'Dumb' 'Dance Moms,' Tries To Avoid Jail Time In Fraud Case

It is almost time for Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms to be sentenced in her fraud case, and now it turns out that she is doing everything she can to avoid jail time. E! News shared about how Abby is trying to make sure she doesn't go to jail even though she is probably going to get into some trouble. A sentencing memorandum was filed Tuesday, and her attorneys are saying that a probation sentence is enough for Abby Lee Miller. They don't feel like she needs jail time.

Abby Lee Miller did plead guilty to these charges. She faces up to five years in prison and a $5 million fine for the $755,000 in income she concealed in 2010. Her legal team explained why Abby concealed bankruptcy assets and also did not report money she received from an international money transaction.

Here is what her lawyers had to say on the matter.

"Ms. Miller was overwhelmed and under-equipped, and this led to her failure to respect to the bankruptcy process. Her engagement of lawyers, accountants, and other professionals was haphazard, episodic, and at times, counter-productive."

Abby Lee Miller has been using legal counsel to make sure nothing like this ever happens again in the future. It doesn't sound like the U.S. Attorney's Office is going to just allow Abby to get off easy on this case. They even shared about an email she sent in 2013.

Here is what it says.

"Oh god I miss u. The judge was a d**k! He hates me... I'm paying Everyone I owe 100% back in one big check! Who does that! Nobody in bankruptcy! But he won't just say look I hate you and I don't want to see u again pay everybody and go! Now my Pgh atty are making Collins ave and the entertainment attorney jump through hoops!"

The memo for Abby's sentencing says, "Miller committed multiple offenses for which she accepted responsibility in the context of the bankruptcy. She both schemed to defraud the court, conceal assets, and falsify bankruptcy schedules while under oath."

It is going to be interesting to see if Abby Lee Miller ends up in jail when she is sentenced later this week.

Radar Online shared that Abby Lee Miller just slammed Dance Moms as "dumb," and of course, this isn't going over well at all.

After this week's episode, Abby wasn't happy at all and went to Instagram, saying, "And what about this amazing number? @Kendallvertes is gory good in 'Dead On Arrival' but @lifetime didn't air it! #Dumb. Who would like to see less fighting and more dancing? The routine begins with her on a slab inside the morgue and then rewinds it'self back to the beginning to depict the accident. Pretty creative on my end? #GiveAbbyCreativeCredit."

Abby Lee Miller has slammed the show more than once, and it is pretty obvious she isn't happy with Dance Moms lately. Back in December, she also slammed the show.

At the time, she said "I spent the first 3 years of #Dancemoms fighting so that @maddieziegler would get the solos instead of the ones who couldn't pick up or couldn't remember. This young lady was/is definitely the right fit for the current team!"

Abby Lee Miller is going through a rough time right now, and it looks like she could be losing everything in the process.

Are you shocked to hear that Abby Lee Miller might end up in jail? Do you think that Abby should spend time behind bars? Sound off in the comments section below. Abby will be sentenced on Friday in this case.

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