‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ PTS 1.6 Confirmed, New Incursion, And Penalty Free PvP — ‘Last Stand’ State Of The Game Details

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 PTS has been confirmed. Also, a State of the Game update went online today via Twitch with some juicy info regarding the “Last Stand” DLC. A new incursion has also been confirmed, and news regarding how control points are utilized with an expanded northern side Dark Zone. The State of the Game included an interview with Ubisoft Redstorm’s Creative Director Terry Spier and Lead Designer Keith Evans, and they offered up some details on what to expect.

Yesterday, the new “Last Stand” teaser trailer debuted a glimpse into what to expect with a tease at the end regarding fortifications and an enabled turret going into action.

An Expanded Dark Zone, Almost Doubled

The Division’s Dark Zone area will be expanded, with zones seven through nine offering up a “little death” in addition to the expansion. There will also be almost a 100-percent expansion of this area, most of which will include explorable rooms within the buildings as well as more roof top explorations. Underground areas will also be included. This will likely offer a similar exploratory feel to that of Survival mode.

The interior buildings were said to have larger and more arena-like spaces and the ability to traverse between zones that will share “one contiguous space.”

Note: There will be the ability to fast travel between check points in the Dark Zone, but you’ll loose your contaminated gear by doing so.

Organized Dark Zone PvP

Tom Clancy’s The Division “Last Stand” DLC will include an eight-on-eight PvP in the Dark Zone with control points and a matchmaking system that ensure solo players are divided up among the groups. This DLC is an addition to this area. The developers said this will be an organized PvP, so expect to have a competitive mind. According to the developers, this will be a different experience from what you’re used to in a typical Dark Zone environment.

This eight-on-eight mode will entail how you would normally match up in a group of four in the current Division game. You’d match up with another four, and from there you will encounter three tactical areas around the Dark Zone and your team will have to capture all the areas for the win. Don’t forget, there was a leaderboard picture released online that looked to be associated with the Dark Zone.

Also, when it comes to respawning, the developers made it easy for players to reappear closer to their team and even suggested finding areas to respawn that would contribute tactically to your strategy among your team. There will also be minimized load times as well after your die.

This may seem familiar with “Domination” modes in other multiplayer games.

The Division State of the Game 1.6 update mentioned that PvP Dark Zone matches will also include landmarks with AI to make it interesting. A new kind of currency, called “shade technology,” will be part of this venture. You’ll also have the ability to activate the fortifications.

Speaking of which, there will be three turrets and a pulse beacon that keeps an eye out for the Rogues. This detail is pretty intriguing as it adds to the intensity of incoming opposing forces.

You’ll either play as a Shade Agent or a Rogue and there are no penalties for dying such as loss of Dark Zone funds, gear, and experience points.

The Division PvE Dark Zone Environment

A new incursion for PvE players has been confirmed as well as other content, so stay close to the internet for the next 24 hours on that. Also, Division agents who like a friendlier environment in the Dark Zone have something to look forward to, but Massive would still like to still keep things tense. In case you were wondering, there will be no PvE-focused Dark Zone.

There will also be no gear score increase with normalization in PTS 1.6. Developers will be awaiting feedback on that. Do you think this will tie into the buying up of named weapons as mentioned by YouTuber and Redstorm ETF No. 2 member Like Butter?

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.6 PTS has no release date as of yet, and the same goes for the “Last Stand” DLC, but keep an eye out for further details. This time, the DLC expansion will release on the same day across all platforms.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]