Scathing Letter From Abused Wife To Husband Before Killing Self And Infant Son Highlights Horrors Of Emotional Abuse

The video of a heartbreaking letter from a Pennsylvania woman who killed her son before taking her own life last month is going viral on social media sites.

One day after Christmas, State Police in Shrewsbury Township arrived at the home where Sheri Shermeyer lived with her son, and presumably, her husband. Apparently, a friend became concerned after Shermeyer left a disturbing farewell note on Facebook that suggested she was contemplating suicide, wrote Fox17.

Police on the welfare check entered the home and found the lifeless bodies of Shermeyer, 40, and her 12-month-old son. The woman appears to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Officials later determined the child died from suffocation, allegedly by his mother using a pillow.

The woman's Facebook letter begins by professing her unconditional love for John Russell, her infant son, whose life she took before committing suicide. It then highlights what appears to be a journey of emotional abuse from her husband, and the toll his drinking, partying, and verbal abuse had taken on her mental stability and on her outlook on life.
"I always thought of myself to be a strong person. I've been through Hell and back and still had a smile. I've lost too many people; family, friends, pets, jobs etc. But as of late I don't feel so strong. I have been slowly dying inside. I'm confused, just torn down, hardly ever go out in public anymore, don't socialize with people, I've become a hermit."
The letter chronicles a history of alleged emotional abuse from the husband, including his mercurial behavior and ambivalence towards their son. The broken woman wrote how she gave up everything to be with the man she thought would do whatever was possible to give them a life of abundance and love.

The woman's Facebook message said the man doesn't deserve to have a son with his last name as he was not worthy of "a legacy." Furthermore, she suggested that her husband's life was plagued by alcohol and substance abuse. It seemed his addiction weighed heavily on their broken marriage.

In the end, Shermeyer said she was losing the will to live because she succumbed to the man who made her feel isolated from the rest of the world, and she was without the motivation to overcome the deep depression left in the wake of ongoing abuse.
"I feel that the ONLY thing I have to live for is this little guy asleep in my arms right now, John. He is the only reason why I haven't blown my head off right now.

"And even now, all I can think about is leaving this world. Putting a gun in my mouth and leaving. Which is what is going to happen."

The Inquisitr learned that Sheri Shermeyer and the child's father were estranged at the time of the murder-suicide. All that was known at the time of the tragic deaths came from the perspective of the alleged abused Pennsylvania woman.
"Coroner Pam Gay told reporters a man, who she referred to as Shermeyer's husband, was not at home at the time of the murder-suicide. Gay added the unidentified man arrived on the scene around the same time as police officers got to the house for the welfare check."
In her final goodbye, Sheri Shermeyer's Facebook letter reminded the man to use the life insurance money from her and their son's deaths to pay off her debts that "ruined his credit." She also wrote that he should use the beneficiary money to buy a residence he wanted in Arizona.

It's unclear if the last entry was sarcastic, but she thanked him for saying "goodbye" on the morning of the day she committed suicide and murdered her son.

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Source: Mother Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Father After Killing Herself And Child by internetroi on Rumble