Kailyn Lowry Ex-Husband: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Says People Are Making Up New Cheating Stories

Kailyn Lowry knew that she would face some heavy criticism after this season of Teen Mom 2 started airing, as fans are now seeing how her marriage to Javi Marroquin is falling apart. The two already experienced trouble last year, when he was deployed as he felt that she wasn’t being very understanding about his situation. Lowry freaked out, because she felt she was doing everything she could to make him feel better about his situation. Without really working on their marriage, Lowry decided it would be best for them to divorce and Marroquin was heartbroken, ready to fight for his family.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that people will just make up stories about her, her life, and her former marriage if there isn’t a juicy story to tell. Of course, some people believe that the stories about Lowry are only surfacing because of her bad attitude, including how he treated Marroquin upon his return. Even though he had only been home for 12 hours, Kailyn Lowry didn’t want to let him borrow the car seats to drive their children to his new home.

“If they don’t have a story these days they’ll make one,” Kailyn Lowry tweeted, to which people had plenty of things to say, both out of support and out of criticism of her behavior after Javi left to serve his country overseas.

“They can say anything they want about you but you always keep it 110% real and for that i have so much respect for you,” one person wrote in support, while another questioned her behavior, asking, “Why so mean to Javi? I’d say from the looks on Issac’s face you crushed his spirit! You’re a family divided choose your words!”

Kailyn Lowry didn’t act too happy when Marroquin returned home. While she did seem happy that her sons were happy to see him, she kept her distance. And some people were wondering why she was so rude to Javi when it came to the car seats and about her son Isaac not having a room at Javi’s new home.

“Why r u so bitter and extremely rude to Javi when U cheated on him… just wow,” one person asked Kailyn Lowry, who replied with, “lmao I didn’t actually. It’s so funny when y’all think you know.”

Because of all the rumors, many people do believe that Lowry had cheated on her husband. Javi will ask Kailyn about the cheating rumors later on this season of Teen Mom 2, as the two will start arguing about their marriage and why they fell apart. And the cheating rumors are a huge part of this argument.

“But I thought you admitted to sleeping with someone when he was gone? I’m so confused. I mean how miserable are you to make your kid feel that way? What if Javi did give him his own room?” one person wrote in reply to Kailyn, while another chimed in with, “She doesn’t consider it cheating because in her mind, she was done. “Filed for divorce while he was away.” Okayyy.”

“I agree, I wonder if she realizes it takes 2 to F-up a marriage! But than she is just another statistic!” one person wrote, seemingly on Kailyn Lowry’s side in the cheating argument, while a second person added, “Its funny when cheaters treat the other person like crap because they know what they did was wrong!”

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s comments about her marriage? Do you think she cheated on Javi or do you think she has just been the subject of many false rumors?

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