'Fargo’ Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast News, And Things To Expect

Fargo Season 3 is currently in production and fans can expect a premiere date in spring 2017, according series creator Noah Hawley. Therefore, you can expect a release date around late April but this is yet to be confirmed. As with the second season, a character may return, which may consequently has some connection to the plot of the previous season. However, a returning cast member is yet to be confirmed. The third season will be set four years after the first season and several decades after the second season, which is 2010.

Ewan McGregor will play an interesting dual role as brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy, while Carrie Coon has been cast in a lead role as Gloria Burgle. Coon's character is s the chief of police in Edna Valley, a mother and recently divorced. Technology will play a role in Season 3 and Burgle will struggle to understand how people seem more connected to their smartphone rather than interacting with people in front of them.

Carrie Coon described her character and what makes her different from characters in the previous seasons of the FX series, according to the NY Post:

"And her personal life is also falling apart. That's the thing that distinguishes her from characters in previous seasons that had this female sheriff idea. Her personal life is eroding, and she's trying to hang on to who she is inside of that happening in a microcosm and also in the macrocosm in the world that she's policing."
Mary Elizabeth Winstead who starred as Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, has also been added to the main cast and will portray Nikki Swango in Fargo Season 3. Swango is a competitive bridge player and recent parolee who likes to always be one step ahead of her opponent. Other new cast members for Fargo Season 3 include Michael Stuhlbarg, Shea Whigham, Karan Soni, Fred Melamed and Thomas Mann.
According to Entertainment Weekly, Harry Potter alumni David Thewlis is joining the cast of season 3. The actor will play V.M. Vargas and the character is described as "a mysterious loner and true capitalist who delivers Emmit (Ewan McGregor), the Parking Lot King of Minnesota, the bad news that he has just become partners with his employers, whose business interests lay outside the law."

Ewan McGregor's characters in Fargo Season 3 will not be identical twins, the challenging roles are two brothers who took a different turn in life. "Emmit is a handsome, self-made, real estate mogul and family man who sees himself as an American success story." On the other hand, "Ray, is a cautionary tale – balding and pot-bellied, Ray peaked in high school and is now a parole officer."

Season 3 of Fargo will have a smaller cast, which will allow the series to spend more time developing each character. This will likely lead to more interesting characters and the audience will get to know them more intimately.

Fargo will also feature iPhone's and explore a selfie-oriented culture and it will change how characters express themselves. It will also contrast the culture of the region in which the series is set. Therefore, many of the character will be pragmatic and struggle to understand how technology factors into people's narcissism. Fans can also expect technology to play a role in the police investigations in the series and perhaps characters self-incriminating themselves with how they interact with their phones and other devices that will be used in a more modern era of 2010.

Fargo Season 3 is expected to premiere on FX in Spring 2017

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