Camilla Poindexter Slams Baby Daddy Donald Penn And His Wife For Treating Her Like A Gold Digger

Camilla Poindexter has reacted after Donald Penn’s wife Dominique accused her of trying to split their marriage and extorting money from the Oakland Raiders player.

Poindexter gave birth to a baby girl names Dylan Noelle Poindexter in March last year. It was unclear who the father of the child was until Dominique took to Instagram to blast Poindexter in October.

Dominique, who described Bad Girls Club star as a “hood rat,” alleged that she was taking money from Penn to keep their affair and the child a secret, the Inquisitr reported.

“ANYONE take the money that I’ve earned because she thinks hush money is going to help her like! No ma’am! Ain’t nobody taking my money…” Dominique wrote. “You lost big time! And your [sic] about to even loose even more now because no more money needs to be given! I know now!”

Now, Camilla Poindexter has responded to these accusations in a video posted by TMZ. At the beginning of the minute-long tirade, the reality TV star said that she was taking her daughter to school.

Poindexter went on to warn Penn to stop disturbing her over her posts on social media, adding that she does not care about his kids with Dominique.

Penn has three children with Dominique – Donald, Domminick, and Demi.

Donald Penn. [Image by Bob Leverone/AP Photo]

“Stop trying to play me like I’m out for your money,” Poindexter said. “It ain’t about me no more it’s about my f**king daughter, you need to see her like you’re claiming you were going to do.”

Camilla Poindexter, who attacked both Penn and Dominique in the video, wished the couple a happy relationship but insisted that the Oakland Raiders offense player performs his paternal duties.

“And if you want to be in a happy relationship, go and be happy just come see my daughter,” she said.

It is hard to tell when Donald Penn and Camilla Poindexter hooked up. However, the latter has stated that she is a fan of the Raiders.

It is unclear if Donald Penn is currently paying Poindexter child support money to take care of their child Dylan Noelle. After Dominique had accused Poindexter of extorting money from Penn last year, close sources to the 30-year-old model and TV personality had told TMZ that Camilla does not have designs on Penn’s money and only wants him to continue taking care of their child.

Camilla Poindexter appears to be enjoying motherhood. Her social media pages are filled with pictures of Dylan. She even posted a video on Instagram of the baby taking her first steps on Christmas Eve.

Amid this conflict in his personal life, Donald Penn is dealing with a knee fracture that saw him sidelined in the Raiders’ loss to the Houston Texans on Jan. 7. Ahead of the game, Penn revealed on Twitter that he did everything he could to participate in the game.

Penn would not participate in the Pro Bowl due to his injury, CBS Sports reported. This would have been the second Pro Bowl of his career. However, Penn is expected to recover in time for off season practice.

Penn, 33, joined the Oakland Raiders from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2014. He renewed his contract with the team in March last year after much speculation about his future.

Penn is estimated to have amassed about $47 million from his NFL career so far. While he still plays like he has much to offer, considering his age and recent injury woes, it is likely that Penn will retire when his current contract with the Raiders expires in 2018.

Neither Donald Penn nor his wife Dominique has responded to Camilla Poindexter’s statements in the video.

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