‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Luke Perry’s Son Goes By ‘Jungle Boy,’ A Pro Wrestling Hopeful

Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Luke Perry’s son Jack is all grown up, and is considering a career in professional wrestling. And Luke Perry is now playing his favorite role, which is that of supportive proud dad. Luke Perry has been seen at Jack’s matches shooting video and cheering Jack on. After a break from network television, Perry is returning as Archie’s dad in the new show Riverdale, modeled after the Archie comic books.

Luke Perry was in the news last year when his former Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Tori Spelling went on television to tell and sell all of her secrets on a show that involved a lie detector, says the Inquisitr. For weeks before the show, Spelling teased that she had slept with either Luke Perry or Jason Priestly while on the set of 90210, but she waited for the actual polygraph show to reveal that it was Jason Priestly. Many of her co-stars were angered that Spelling would sell all of them out for money.

But time and life kept moving on, and now, Luke Perry, 50, is out supporting his 19-year-old son Jack, known in the ring as “Jungle Boy,” says the New York Post. Last weekend, Luke Perry showed up at an event called Underground Empire Wrestling’s “F— the World 3.” Jack’s full name in the ring is “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy (dad Luke’s full name is Coy Luther Perry III). Jungle Boy’s opponent that day was “Hardcore Kamikaze” Maxx.


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Jack Perry is tall and ripped, dominating the ring. Dad Luke Perry cheers while recording the match on his phone. Though Jack is new to wrestling, Luke Perry says that it is something his son is considering as a career. The next match is February 4, but the line-up has not yet been published.

From the preview of Riverdale, it looks like Archie’s hometown has gotten a makeover, and it’s less Archies and a bit more David Lynch, says Showbiz Junkies. Archie (who has dark red hair, and not the carrot variety in the comic books) is supposed to be a teenager but, in true 90210 style, looks more like he’s in his early 20s. And Archie’s dad, who played a small or almost non-existing role in the comics, is played by Luke Perry.

The series Riverdale will debut at the end of January, and recently, Luke Perry was at San Diego Comic-Con doing press for the new show. Perry said that being 50, he was aware of Archie comics growing up, as they would often be packaged with the super hero comics he really wanted.

“I lived in a trailer park and had a small bedroom because it was a trailer. I would just sit there in the closet, stack of comic books on either side of me and just take one off of this stack, read it, put it on that stack.”

And Perry said that there is a benefit to playing Fred Andrews, rather than the lead, Archie, as Luke Perry has kind of been there, done that on Beverly Hills, 90210.

“I was pretty clear coming in that it’s Archie and the show is going to primarily going to be about that. I’m fine with that. I’m never like, ‘Give me more lines. Give me more stuff to do.’ I’m confident that when I do have stuff to do, it’s going to be good stuff. It’s going to be the right stuff. I wasn’t in a lot of the pilot but I really felt like the character had an impact and has a lot to say.”

Perry says he’s happy to be playing the father in a father-son relationship, because that is what he is truly doing in his personal life with his own kids, ages 16 and 19.

Are you surprised that 90210′s Luke Perry has an adult son?

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