Cameron Tucker: Atlanta Pit Bull Owner Arrested After Dogs Kill One Child And Gravely Injure Another

The owner of two ferocious pit bulls in Atlanta faced a judge Wednesday after one of his dogs killed a small child the day before.

The New York Post reports that Cameron Tucker was picked up at his home Tuesday morning after his animals were witnessed attacking two elementary school students, 6-year-old Logan Braatz and 5-year-old Syary Sanders, as they made their way to a nearby bus stop. Logan would ultimately die from his injuries, while Syary was taken to a medical center to be treated for severe injuries.

Neighbors of Tucker’s, including one Angie Smith, were said to been among the first to respond to the dire scene.

“I [ran] up on the girl, [and] she had been mauled very badly,” Smith relayed to WSB-2.

“[I felt like] there was nothing that I could do.”

Resident Shamonte Clayton, who also lives on Gideons Drive, where the incident took place, said that after the attack, he followed one of the dogs back toward a porch of an abandoned home, where three other children — including Logan Braatz — had seemingly run away to in hopes of getting away from the vicious animals.

“As I [got] to the end of the street, I [saw] the child’s unconscious body laying in the middle of [it],” he remarked.

“So, I chased the dog away from the kids, and [that’s when] I noticed the second child, a little boy, unconscious in the grass.”

Logan was rushed to nearby Grady Memorial Hospital soon thereafter but succumbed to injuries later that day, so says the Daily Mail. Meanwhile, Syary was transported to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, where she was listed as stable on Wednesday afternoon.

Police were able to nab Cameron Tucker without incident around 7:30 Tuesday morning, moments after his dogs went on the attack. Initially facing two counts of reckless conduct, one of the charges was upgraded to involuntary manslaughter, a felony, during his court appearance on Wednesday. He is currently being held on $75,000 bond and is said to have not hired counsel to assist him at this time.

After the incident, Atlanta Police Sgt. Warren Pickard expressed in a press conference that one of the dogs had been shot dead by officers. Fulton County Animal Control, who retrieved the carcass of the dead pooch, as well as the surviving one, said that Tucker owned a pit bull and a border collie. In pictures floating around online that were rumored to be taken outside of Cameron Tucker’s home, an officer can be seen approaching one of the dogs with his gun drawn.

As a condition of his bond, Tucker is not allowed to be near animals throughout the course of his trial, nor is he allowed to contact the families of Logan and Syary. A crisis team was said to have sent out to the children’s school in Stanton to allow students access to grief counselors and school staff.

In related news, two Bronx officers were forced to open fire on a pit bull that charged on them as they attempted to make an arrest, once again according to the New York Post.

As members of the NYPD investigated the home of a suspect on E. 162 St. in Longwood on January 6, one of the resident’s two pit bulls managed to escape from a locked cage in a back bedroom and came for the policeman who was arrested its owner. Quickly drawing their weapons, two of the cops opened fire on the animal, killing it instantly. Another dog, who remained secure in its cage, was not harmed.

The two cops who fired their weapons were taken to nearby Lincoln Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. The apartment’s owner, as well as a female cohort, were booked into custody without further interruption.

[Featured Image by Fulton County Jail]