Lamar Odom Is A Laker? Clippers Star Makes Mistake During Interview

Well, he got it half right. Lamar Odom correctly identified the city where he plays. The team, however, he got wrong. The current Clippers star accidentally introduced himself as a Los Angeles Laker during a recent media day for his new team.

To Odom’s credit he did wear the right jersey.

The 33-year-old NBA player has played on four teams during his career. He started his career with the Clippers before eventually moving down the road to play for the Lakers. He’s also played for Miami and Dallas during his career.

The most successful portion of Odom’s career came with the Lakers when he won two NBA titles. He also earned the 6th Man of the Year award in 2011. Odom’s production hasn’t been the same since he left the Lakers. He’s only hit five of his 17 shots this year and has made six turnovers during his 49 minutes of playing time.

Odom made a simple mistake during the media day but he probably wishes that he was still in a Lakers uniform.

Here’s the video of Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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