Christina Aguilera Adds Pink Braid For First Live Show Of The Season

Christina Aguilera added an interesting twist to her unique hairstyle today. The Voice judge decided to put half of her hair in a spiral pink braid for the first live show of this season.

Aguilera writes on her website:

“I always get so excited for the first live show and it felt so amazing being back on the stage with my team and my fellow coaches. For tonight we wanted something fun and rock and roll with a touch of pop and color to best represent TeamXtina. Hope you enjoy the look as much as I did.”

And Aguilera isn’t keeping her crazy style a secret. The singer invited her stylist, Mark Townsend, to give fans a few tips on how to mimic Xtina’s unique hair.

Townsend writes:

“I am so excited for the first live show of The Voice Season 3!! Christina really wanted to start the live shows with a bang so I added some strawberry highlights to red red tipped hair … To add some fun to her hair, I braided the whole right side of her hair into several twists, so the pink color would show in the front.”

Aguilera’s pink braid wasn’t the only thing that drew attention to the singer last night. The Voice judge also donned a patriotic pair of pants.

Here’s a photo of Christina Aguilera’s look on The Voice last night.

christina aguilera

What did you think of Christina Aguilera’s braid? Does it work?