Drake Allegedly ‘Happy’ About Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill’s Breakup, Reportedly Slams Meek As A ‘Loser’

Drake is allegedly telling friends that he’s “happy” about Nicki Minaj’s recent split with Meek Mill amid reports the “Hotline Bling” rapper seriously slammed his fellow rapper as a “loser” and a “joke of a rapper” following his and Nicki’s breakup.

According to Hollywood Life, Drake and Minaj have reportedly been in contact since Nicki confirmed her and Meek had undergone a breakup earlier this month. Sources are claiming that Minaj has been doing a lot of leaning on her friend after months of reports Drake was looking to start dating her.

A source revealed to the site that Drake, who’s currently thought to be dating Jennifer Lopez, got in contact with Minaj after hearing about her breakup with Meek before allegedly slamming Mill as a “loser.”

“Drake’s hella happy they’re over but wants to make sure that Nicki’s cool and that she’s not hurting or anything,” an insider told the site of how Drake reacted to Nicki’s breakup news. “He cares about her.”

Drake & Nicki Minaj

The insider then went on to claim that despite months of rumors claiming that Drake was looking to start dating Minaj prior to her and Mill’s recent breakup, Drake is very much staying in the friend zone as sources claim he and Lopez are getting serious.

“[Drake] certainly wants to be there for [Nicki] and be a shoulder for her to lean on and talk to during this breakup,” the insider continued about the rappers’ interactions, noting that Drake has no plans to end things with Jennifer for Nicki.

“He’s going to be there for Nicki. That’s his girl. His friend. She’s like family,” the site’s source said following the breakup. “They have a five year plus friendship and that means everything to him. He’s going to be there for Nicki during this time.”

Reports claiming that Drake is there for Nicki to “lean on” amid her breakup from Meek come shortly after sources told Hollywood Life last year that the rapper was supposedly “infatuated” with Minaj and was supposedly hoping to start dating her following his October split with Rihanna.

Nicki Minaj & Drake

Hollywood Life reported last year that Drake was supposedly planning “to date around the block for a cool minute until the woman he truly wants is single,” before alleging that Nicki Minaj was the lady Drake was looking to get close too.

“[Nicki is] the epitome of everything he wants in a woman,” the site’s insider continued of Drake’s alleged feelings for Minaj just months before he started dating Lopez. “The dude is infatuated with her.”

But while it looks like Drake and Nicki won’t be dating anytime soon, reports claiming that the twosome is supposedly in contact following Minaj’s recent breakup come after sources alleged that Drake threw a serious diss Meek’s way after years of feud drama between the two.

According to a source who spoke out amid the latest development in Mill and Drake’s feud, Drake wasn’t afraid to take aim at Minaj’s ex after Mill challenged him to a fight on Instagram just days after Nicki confirmed their split.

While Drake has not publicly responded to Meek’s fight challenge, sources revealed that Drake has no plans to head into the ring with his long-time feud partner, and instead, he opted to diss the rapper amid their years-long feud, which reportedly started over Nicki.

“Meek must be a glutton for punishment. Drake already knocked him out of the rap game, and now Meek wants to get TKO’d in the ring?” a source claimed of how Drake supposedly reacted to Minaj’s ex challenging him to a fight, adding that the rapper supposedly slammed Drake as “a joke of a rapper” following his and Nicki’s breakup.

“Nicki dumped him. The last thing he needs is for Drake to kill him in the ring,” continued the source. “Drake would much rather him just gracefully take a bow and disappear.”

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