‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Stefano Outsmart Rafe?

Recent Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Rafe is having a hard time tracking down Stefano. As viewers of Days know, Rafe is currently in Prague trying to capture Stefano.

On Days of Our Lives, fans saw Rafe spring into action after he found out that Stefano was still alive and roaming Prague. He’s going to these extreme lengths for Hope, who was charged with killing Stefano. Even Hope was convinced that she had killed the man who in the past had escaped death numerous times. Rafe is on this journey so he can get Hope’s sentence reversed, but of course, this probably won’t happen after Hope escaped from prison due to her life being threatened by her fellow inmates. It’s a roadblock that Rafe has in front of him, but that’s not the only one ahead on Days of Our Lives.

Days of Our Lives spoilers via Celeb Dirty Laundry state that Rafe has a lot of questions about Stefano’s whereabouts, and he may come up with no answers. His recent hunt led to a clue that he uncovered after he found a key around the area that Stefano’s limo was last seen.

On an upcoming Days of Our Lives episode, Rafe comes to the conclusion that the key belongs to someone who looks like Stefano. This leads him on a chase to find what the key belongs to. He will find out that the key belongs to a safe deposit box, but considering nothing is as it seems on Days of Our Lives, this might lead Rafe nowhere on his search. Despite having the help of the others, Rafe feels like he’s not accomplishing anything while in Prague.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that even though Rafe is discouraged, it doesn’t mean he’s going to abandon his plans. It’s said that whereas Rafe turns up empty, Shane may have a big lead for the group when it comes to getting them one step closer to Stefano. Shane is chasing a lead separate from Rafe, and it may pay off in the long run. As the search for Stefano goes on, more people are coming along to lend a helping hand, including Kayla and Steve. The couple is said to make this trip about romance too, now that they’re officially back together on Days of Our Lives.

As for Deimos, Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed that he might be after Sonny because he’s baited by him. Despite trying to turn over a new leaf, Deimos might have to murder Sonny after he puts himself on his radar. The drama keeps on piling on Days of Our Lives, as Chad is expected to talk with Sonny and Dario to squash any violence that might occur from the tech theft that happened to Andre. While Chad is looking to calm the waters, Andre is very concerned about the theft.

Days of Our Lives fans have a lot to consider with this storyline. Will this be enough to convince Sonny to put the breaks on his out of control family members? Since Sonny is a good guy, he might heed Chad’s warning, but then again, he isn’t too happy with Deimos, so he might not be able to stop himself. Even if Sonny is the one with a good head on his shoulders, Dario is still a hot head and he’s not going to be so quick to let Deimos get away with his transgressions.

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