Amber Portwood Leaving ‘Teen Mom,’ Facing Legal Battles From Both Ends: ‘Here Come The Lawyers’

Amber Portwood announced that she was leaving Teen Mom last month, but her name has still been in the news.

Let’s start with the basics. According to Us Weekly, the reality star posted her plans to leave Teen Mom OG on Instagram last month, saying that she didn’t feel respected on the show.

“I’ll be leaving #teenmomog sadly. The lack of respect is too much anymore! But still sending all my love,” she wrote.

Teen Mom OG

Amber Portwood had issues with a couple of the other girls on Teen Mom OG. For starters, she told Dr. Drew during the show’s reunion special that she and Farrah Abraham are no longer friends, mainly because Farrah reportedly trash talked her during an interview.

“We used to be [friends] and then she decided to open up her crooked lips. She decided to do an interview saying something about how it’s good that [my daughter] Leah is with Gary [Shirley] and how my house probably smells like piss. You don’t do that,” Portwood said.

Secondly, Amber Portwood added that Farrah Abraham slammed Matt Baier, the guy Amber is currently dating. Later in the show, Abraham’s parents were brought on the stage and her dad Michael was actually assaulted by Matt, who pushed him to the floor. That was pretty much the end of Amber and Farrah — without any chance of the two trying to work things out.

Amber Portwood Matt Baier

Now, Amber Portwood is making headlines for something else. According to Radar Online, the former Teen Mom OG star is threatening to sue “fans” who have been accusing her of scamming them. The report claims that Amber Portwood — who opened up the online boutique Forever Haute a few weeks ago — has been accused of giving people a hard time when it comes to returning items from the shop that don’t fit or that they just don’t like.

“According to the website return policy, customers can ‘request a return claim with Forever Haute LLC within 10 days of receipt of goods.’ If the return is ‘approved,’ customers will be refunded and forced to pay a $5.00 restocking fee.”

At least one customer tweeted a message to Amber Portwood about the clothes she ordered being too big. That customer went on to say that Portwood blocked her on Twitter after she spoke up about Portwood’s website needing a size chart.

“I had to return my entire order. You need a size chart. The items I purchased weren’t even close to a large,” the customer reportedly tweeted.

“For people saying they have returned products are 100% lying! I have every name address etc. And nothing had ever been sent back,” Amber Portwood said in a tweet shortly after.

But there’s more. Fans who have shopped the boutique have allegedly recognized some of the items and claimed that Amber Portwood purchased them from another site for cheaper and then jacked up the price. For example, at least one shopper saw a dress listed on Amber’s site for $82.99 that she says she saw elsewhere for $14!

These claims infuriated Amber Portwood. She tweeted the following message to people accusing her of scamming them.

It looks like Amber Portwood has dropped the issue and has decided to focus on the positives of running a business and making people happy. She has sent out tons of positive tweets and has been promoting some of the new items in her shop. Most of her fans are supporting her and are happy to see her stand up for herself.

Portwood has moved on to focus on her own battles, getting hit with a potential lawsuit herself this morning. Check out these tweets that she just sent out.

Are you a fan of Amber Portwood? Are you sad that she’s leaving Teen Mom OG?

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