WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle To Have One Last Match Against AJ Styles At Wrestlemania 33

Kurt Angle and the WWE are now on good terms. This is evidenced by the fact that the WWE has officially placed him in the 2017 Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is usually an avenue for the WWE to make amends to their aging stars. While all of this is pretty dandy for both Angle and the WWE’s relationship, it could also mark the beginning of things to come. Kurt Angle could resume his WWE career, and some juicy storylines are sure to await him.

Rumor has it that Kurt Angle could go on to become a regular for one of the shows. But it is also known that Angle is getting up there in age and has sustained numerous injuries. According to Bleacher Report, Kurt has also battled drug addiction and has a big disdain over the long days on the road when working for the WWE. Sadly, newer WWE fans may never get to witness one of the greatest in-ring performers in pro wrestling history.

However, if this is the case, then a more likely scenario is that Kurt Angle does a farewell match at Wrestlemania 33. Most fans will probably guess that the best match for Kurt to end his career is with arch nemesis Brock Lesnar. That would definitely be a great guess as Lesnar and Angle figured in one of the most entertaining feuds some years back. Their matches against each other was always a delight to witness.”

However, according to Forbes, Kurt Angle already has an individual in mind if he was to do one final match. And if the WWE wants to create a match that will be immortalized in Wrestlemania history, then they should very well listen to the “wrestling machine.” Kurt Angle wants to do a match against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 33. Angle was quoted in an interview with former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia and having nothing but high praises for the high-flying WWE star.

“I wrestled AJ in TNA, and I can tell you that he is every bit as good as Shawn Michaels. The thing with AJ Styles, and I want everybody to realize this–you don’t have to do anything with him. He does all the work. So it’s an easy match for you. He flies around the ring. He does all the bumping.” He continues to give praises to Styles.

“AJ is a special individual where you can go in that ring and literally just stand in the middle, and he does everything for you. I have never had a match with anybody that’s been so easy, and every time I worked with him it was a five-star match. So AJ’s that kind of talent. He only comes around once in a lifetime, so I’d really love to shake it up with him one more time if I could.”

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Lesnar is still busy with Goldberg, and if they want to give Kurt Angle a proper farewell, then they should give him Styles. The two of them already had numerous memorable battles over at TNA and will probably figure in a classic match at Wrestlemania 33. Having Kurt Angle fight someone like AJ Styles will give him another memorable wrestling affair to cap off his legendary career.

A lot of old WWE fans would tell you that a match like that is the proper way to pay homage to one of the WWE’s most successful and entertaining character. Plus, it would do wonders for AJ Styles’ blossoming but young WWE career. With all the positives in this match up, there is a good chance that the WWE goes this route at Wrestlemania 33.

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