Corinne Olympios' Company: Is 'The Bachelor' Villain Really A 'Multi Million-Dollar Business' Owner?

What is Corinne Olympios' company? That's the question fans of The Bachelor are asking after the 2017 season villain keeps bragging about owning a "multi million-dollar business." Is she really a wealthy business owner?

The answer is, it depends on how you define "wealthy" and "business owner."

As TMZ reports, Olympios' family back in Miami does own a business named Armor Garage, which supplies epoxy floor coatings. So sexy!

What is Corinne Olympio's company?
This is what Corinne Olympios' [family-owned] company is all about. Exciting stuff. [Image by LovePHY/Shutterstock]

And her family confirms that she does work there, mostly in sales. She's not full-time, however, as she also has other projects going on in her career (more on that in a minute). As for how much of the company she owns - well, a) that's not public information, and b) it's none of anyone's business (except the tax man's).

On the "Testimonials" section of the company's website, it appears as if the Olympios family business does good work; at least, the reviews they include on the website indicate that they do.

"Did my Garage with your Armor Granite kit and military grade topcoat. When people come over to the house and see the floor their jaws drop. It came out spectacular and I can already tell this is going to last a long time just like you say. Thanks for everything."
The company has no Facebook page, and no reviews on Yelp, so if you're interested in seeing negative reviews, you're going to have to ask around.

When she's not slogging it out behind a desk at her family's business, Corinne does some modeling and acting on the side, according to Us Weekly.

She's appeared in a couple of music videos, including work for Pitbull, Akon, and DJ Khaled. She also has a profile on Model Mayhem.
"Being on set is my happy place."
Of course, the thing that everyone wants to talk about is the whole nanny business. For those who may have missed the first episode of The Bachelor this season, Corinne revealed that she has a nanny! A 24-year-old woman has a nanny! And she's not kidding. During the episode, Corinne woke up from a nap (she likes to nap a lot, apparently) and told fellow contestant Jasmine that she (Corinne) needed Raquel, whom she described as her "nanny." And as This Insider reports, Raquel accompanied Corinne to the set, chops her vegetables for her, and generally cares for her as if she is a child.
"Raquel keeps my life together, okay? She makes sure that my bed is made every morning, makes my cucumber and my, like, vegetable slices for lunch. She makes me lemon salad, she knows exactly how much oil, lemon, and garlic salt I like."
Needless to say, Twitter exploded, and few of the comments were supportive. Corinne tried to blow it off, and in a tweet that has since been deleted, Corinne said that "everyone needs to relax" about the whole grown-woman-having-a-nanny situation.
"Raquel is part of my family so calling her a housekeeper or cleaning lady is disrespectful."
New York Magazine writer Anna Silman has a theory about why Corinne has a nanny. She's actually a 13-year-old girl trapped in the body of an adult woman, like the plot of 13 Going On 30. It all makes sense, according to Silman. Corinne sleeps all the time, has a nanny, she has a favorite food (cucumber slices and cheese pasta) that she eats to the exclusion of everything else, and enjoys bouncy castles. This theory, of course, would present a host of moral problems for Nick Viall, but of course, when you're married to an adult woman who has a nanny and enjoys bouncy castles, morality is probably a secondary concern.

As of this writing, it's not clear if Corinne Olympios' nanny will manage her family's company for her when (not if) she's sent home from The Bachelor.

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