Scotty T Releases Naked Boob Images Of Lisa Appleton

Scotty T recently shared two social media images of Lisa Appleton including one photo where the former Big Brother star's boobs were exposed and things took an interesting turn.

Scotty T's social media posts about Lisa Appleton include a photo where Lisa flashed her boobs during a night out and another in which the reality star's panties were exposed while she was taking out the trash. Things got interesting after the post because Appleton and Scotty T started flirting with each other.

"Get a girl who can do both," Scotty captioned the two photos which she also tagged Lisa.

Could there be some chemistry between Scotty and Lisa?

Scotty and Lisa started flirting on Twitter after the Geordie Shore star posted the images of Appleton on Twitter. Lisa promptly replied saying, "@ScottGShore get a guy who can do both." the former Big Brother star was clearly captivated by the fact that Scotty T thought so highly of her judging by her quick response and the response itself. It was quite an interesting celebrity mash-up especially considering that no one previously thought that there would be any chemistry between the two celebrities. However, the universe has a funny way of throwing in twists along the way.

Scotty has good fortune when it comes to women

Scotty has a reputation of good luck when it comes to getting the ladies and his recent flirty twitter confrontation with Lisa Appleton is proof of his prowess as far as dealing with the females is concerned. There is a chance that the reality star might also have his eyes on Blac Chyna following a recent split with Rob Kardashian.

Scotty T releases Lisa Appleton naked boobs pictures
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The Geordie Shore star posted a cheeky in December, supposedly a message conversation with Blac Chyna. The message in the screenshot read "Scotty I want the D baby." He posted a tweet of the screenshot at a time when Rob and Chyna had a temporary falling off, suggesting that Chyna was interested in him.

"I didn't wanna say anything but I've been told to release a statement @robkardashian sorry bro," Scotty captioned the Twitter post.

Fans and critics quickly dismissed this as a prank but it is not clear whether there might have been some truth to it. It would not be the first time that the reality star has tried his luck on a female celebrity after a breakup. He even tried to use his Big Brother celebrity status to try and woo Chloe Khan after her split with Stephen Bear but his efforts did not bear fruit. Just a week after that, Scotty tried his luck on yet another female celebrity, this time Georgia May Foote after she announced her breakup with Giovani Pernice. Scotty sent her Foote a tweet to let her know that he was available. Unfortunately, he struck out again after the female star responded that she had moved on with George Alford.

Lisa Appleton panty show to ride a bull
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Scotty even went out with Zara Holland after she was evicted from Love Island. Prior to their date, he took to Twitter to seek advice on where he should take her on a date. When it comes to the ladies, Scotty is usually shameless and does not mind getting right into it and sometimes it works for him. The recent tweets Lisa Appleton are a perfect example of his direct strategy towards getting the ladies.

Some celebrity hookups, especially in reality shows, are usually staged and a hookup between the two celebrities certainly has all the ingredients of a hookup. However, It might just be a legitimate and non-staged hookup. It would be interesting considering Scotty got Lisa's attention by posting photos of Lisa's naked boobs and knickers.

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