UFO Theory: New Facts Bring Questions About Legitimacy Of Antarctica Rumors

Today’s UFO theory asks: Are the rumors about UFO activity in Antarctica worthy of further study? Some readers may recall that in October of 2016, WikiLeaks released controversial footage of UFO activity around Antarctica, some shown by Mysterious Universe, shortly before U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry became the highest ranking American official to step foot on Antarctica. As a matter of record, those UFO photos do not appear on the linked WikiLeaks pages any longer.

At that time, as Mysterious Universe frames it, speculation centered on the areas to which the public has no access. Also notable was the fact that Kerry’s trip came shortly after the U. S. presidential election, at a time when a divided nation was focused on the outcome. The places shielded from public view were related to a treaty that closes off a significant area of the Ross Sea as a marine sanctuary that was also signed in October of 2016. On the face of it, with only two events, there are too many variables to draw any conclusions about UFO theory related to Antarctica. But then things get weirder.

Is it possible that a UFO crashed in Antarctica in the distant past that is being discovered now? [Image by Redemption/Thinkstock]

On this ground it is important to tread lightly, because Buzz Aldrin is a highly respected astronaut and a hero. He has also been at the center of UFO speculation since he has embraced the conversation. But it is strange that Buzz Aldrin was evacuated from Antarctica shortly after John Kerry’s trip. At that point, there still wasn’t enough for a viable UFO theory to develop, as still, there were only coincidental appearances of people on the continent who wouldn’t normally be there.

At this point, a little UFO history is important. This is only the most recent outbreak of UFO news about Antarctica. Rumors have abounded there since a rumored invasion in 1947, up to as recently as 2012 when rumors of a war with UFO craft occurring in Antarctica were rampant. The war was rumored to be with aliens flying UFO craft, but time passed with no hard evidence. And there have also been highly questionable UFO theory stories about everything from Buzz Aldrin tweets to satellite photos of pyramids, all spurious at best.

Yesterday saw two articles that greatly affect Antarctica UFO theory released by two reputable news outlets. First, National Public Radio (NPR) published an acknowledgement that the ice shelf breaking off now in Antarctica was not directly caused by climate change. Still, many news outlets speculated on climate change as the reason for the crack, in spite of no hard evidence. The theory offered for the crack in the ice by glaciologist Adrian Gluckman to NPR isn’t compelling.


“This is probably not directly attributable to any warming in the region, although of course the warming won’t have helped. It’s probably just simply a natural event that’s just been waiting around to happen.”

If science’s explanation is that this was “waiting around to happen, it doesn’t spark confidence as a great explanation. Then the second piece of news was released by the BBC, stating that the Halley Antarctica Station will be closed until November. This is in spite of the fact that it is in no danger and can be relocated anyway.

Is the world protecting a sea, or a deep secret? [Image by sodar99/Thinkstock]

All of which brings us back to a series of coincidences, which isn’t weird for UFO theory. In fact, a couple of more recent coincidences thicken this thread of theory. First, Julian Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks, offered himself in exchange for the U. S. fugitive Edward Snowden. This after the site cleared out the UFO images. Some will remember that WikiLeaks had threatened to release evidence of a war in Antarctica as well, and that went away too.

So UFO theory buffs are left with a string of coincidences from a “rock star” lineup of public officials in Antarctica, to ice cracks with odd explanations, British stations closing, and the WikiLeaks founder offering to turn himself in after nixing plans to show the world a war with UFO craft and aliens. Did someone find a long crashed UFO? Did Julian Assange cut a deal to not show the evidence, or did he never have it? Do all of these coincidences tie together to form a unified theory about UFO activity in Antarctica? Not yet, but this story, as demonstrated here, shows that it has taken a while to percolate. Perhaps more facts will surface that tie everything together or disprove this UFO theory.

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