UFO In Sheffield: CCTV Camera Films UFO Hovering Over City Center [Video]

Kristine Moore

A few days after Christmas, a bright light was captured hovering over the Sheffield city center of the U.K., and a large number of viewers are now convinced that they have witnessed a UFO in Sheffield.

The footage of the alleged UFO in Sheffield was captured by a CCTV camera at the University of Sheffield on December 27, 2016. The fixed camera that filmed the UFO had been hooked up in order to monitor a nest box of Peregrine falcons located on top of the lecture theater of St. George's Church at the University of Sheffield. The CCTV camera captured something very different, however.

At 7:18 a.m. on December 27, the camera filmed an extraordinarily bright light rising over the center of Sheffield, which is purported to be a UFO. The video was released on YouTube under the title of "UFO in Sheffield," and the Mirror reports that the video of the UFO had been watched over 10,000 times just days after it had been posted on YouTube.

The original caption of the video reads "Real time recording of strange light in Sheffield sky," and the video has now garnered just under 17,000 views.

"Could be from Mars, it is over that way in the morning," the viewer explained.

Another viewer, Wendy Bartter, wasn't sure about what she was seeing.

"That's the main consensus Scott, having taken off from Doncaster, but would have been exciting if Venus or alien spacecraft."

Other viewers of the alleged UFO in Sheffield conjectured that the mysterious white light flying towards them may have just been an airplane rather than an alien spacecraft.

"Are you serious? a UFO?? slow moving light - it's an airplane!" one person wrote.

"Could this be a plane with lights on flying towards the camera?"

There is reported to be military aircraft flying in the same direction the bright light was moving, and one poster questions whether it was, in fact, just an army plane rather than a UFO in Sheffield.

"There's a large army plane that flies over this way most mornings, has it's big light on until reaches over the city. Best guess is going to/from RAF Waddington? Of course, could be something else..."

One person who watched the video even questioned whether the object in question could have been a Chinese lantern.

The University of Sheffield video of the alleged UFO isn't the first time that videos have been uploaded to YouTube showing UFOs in the city. In July 2009, one user posted a video titled "UFO Over Sheffield," which lasts for 31 seconds, and in it, there appears an S-shaped object that is fluttering across the sky.

One watcher of the video said that they had seen the same object the day before, while another viewer said, "I saw a similar spinning 'S' shaped flying object in Alacati, Turkey."

Another S-shaped UFO object like the one in the Sheffield video was also spotted by a YouTube poster in Philadelphia, and she said that it was 100 feet up in the sky and had a steady and slow rotation.

After watching the videos of alleged UFOs in Sheffield, do you believe that these are actual alien spacecraft or could they be something less exotic?

[Featured Image by Keystone/Getty Images]