Happy Birthday Betty White! Five Things We Love About The Legendary ‘Golden Girl’

Today, fans the world over have come together to wish a happy birthday to Betty White, the legendary actress who is, perhaps, best known for playing the lovable, dim-witted Rose Nyland on the television staple, The Golden Girls. To put things in perspective, when the now-95-year-old actress was born, Warren G. Harding was the president of the United States. Having survived nearly everything — including 2016, which was no easy feat — this writer decided to wish a happy birthday to Betty White by putting together a list of five things that make her a national treasure.

1. She’s an advocate for animal’s rights.
One of the things we absolutely adore about Betty White is that she fights for the rights of those who can’t speak up for themselves — namely, animals. Certainly, Betty White will have a happy birthday this year because, in an interview with Yahoo News, she said that it was thrilling that Ringling Brothers circus was finally closing, especially after their questionable history with how they treat their animals.

“It’s how animals are treated when they’re used,” she said of the circus.

2. She has a sense of humor.
Another thing that makes us want to wish a very happy birthday to Betty White is her impeccable sense of humor. According to Us Weekly, when her career resurgence culminated with a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live — which happened in 2010 after fans heavily petitioned the show to have White host; her stint as the host made her the oldest host in the show’s history — she cracked a joke about the Facebook campaign that got her the gig.

“When I first heard about the campaign to get me to host Saturday Night Live, I didn’t know what Facebook was. And now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time,” she said.

3. She’s still cooler than the rest of us.
You can’t help but wish a happy birthday to Betty White, no matter your age or where you come from, because she’s still cooler than the rest of us. As the Huffington Post demonstrated, not only has she not stopped working for more than 70 years — and she’s still thrilled that she gets job offers — but she demonstrated that she knows how to “dab” better than the rest of the Super Bowl fans out there.

4. She’s a genuinely happy person.
When you wish a happy birthday to Betty White today, know that you’re wishing happiness on someone who is truly, already, happy. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Betty says that the secret to a happy life is to not focus all of the attention on yourself all the time. She also recommended that you do the things you love the most and to be grateful for what it is that you do have.

“You know seriously, I keep thinking, ‘Betty you’re 95.’ I don’t feel it,” she said. “I am so blessed with good health and faculties. You can’t really expect that at 95. I am the luckiest old broad on two feet.”

5. She’s a legend.
Seriously. That’s all you need to know. With a career that spans more than 70 years, and with no sign of slowing down, Betty White is, perhaps, the best thing to ever happen to Hollywood.

Happy birthday, Betty White — your fans love you!

[Featured Image by Marc Davis/Getty Images]