Paranormal News: Do Dogs Go To Heaven? Psychic Claims Answer From Beyond

Today’s paranormal news features Mark Howard, an international psychic from Cape Town, South Africa, who makes an extraordinary claim about how he discovered the paranormal fate of “man’s best friend.” While some may dismiss that question as absurd, dog lovers and paranormal news reporters everywhere have asked it often enough for the Roman Catholic church to take the question seriously and provide answers. Howard’s tale of his paranormal discovery, though, is anything but orthodox.

Mark Howard is an active lead medium for the Scream Paranormal Investigation team. Howard’s paranormal investigation resume includes sites frequently mentioned in the paranormal news, like the Black Swan Hotel in Wiltshire, U. K., and the Black Horse Pub in Pluckley, which is widely reported in the news as the most haunted village in the U. K. today. Howard also works with individuals using his psychic abilities.

Even Pope Francis has an opinion about dogs and heaven. [Image by neneos/iStock]

He relates that he recently encountered the question about whether dogs go to heaven while working with a family to help a recently deceased loved one through. He said that the question was a striking one that he hadn’t considered, even with his extensive paranormal experience. While there are varying opinions in the paranormal community, and even within the Papacy, most of them are informed by the teachings, or dogmas, of the surrounding culture.

For instance, different Popes have come up with completely different paranormal views of pets, based on the contemporary doctrines of their days. Pope Pious IX believed that only beings with souls could enter heaven, and since animals didn’t have souls, dogs wouldn’t make it to heaven. The bad news about Fido then changed into something good, as views about the paranormal, and theology for that matter, were changing as well. In 1990, Pope John Paul II determined in a papal audience that animals do have souls.

Of course, most paranormal investigators had already determined that animals at the least have a spirit, with an abundance of evidence about pets in paranormal research news. That’s where Howard steps in with a significant claim. He says that his description came directly from the paranormal work he does, as a spirit told him the answer to the question the family had posed in that very session.

Howard explains that the spirit told him that on the spiritual plane, when a spirit arrives, he or she is given a room. Of course, room is a word with limited connotations on Earth, so it would be more accurate to say someone is granted a space in which to transition into his next iteration in the paranormal sense. As a part of the healing time that one spends in this paranormal space, one is granted the ability to create in that space. Then Howard explains what that means for dog lovers.

A psychic says a spirit told him the answers to doggy heaven in today’s paranormal news. [Image by Yuri_Arcurs/iStock]

“You can invite anyone you want into your room at anytime and I can visit loved ones rooms, but you have to be invited in first you cannot just enter. You can be in many rooms at the same time. Because your room is yours, you can also bring in your pets and animals that you have a strong bond with when you were on the earth plane. They are not restricted to your room, but are with you all the time.”

“So do dogs go to heaven? You betcha they do!”

Of course, that paranormal news isn’t just good news for dogs because according to Howard, as long as they’re invited, cats, lizards, birds, fish, snakes, ferrets, and any other beloved pet can be invited in for a visit on the spiritual plane. So yes, according to Howard people will see their pets in heaven. The final conclusion, even shared by Pope Francis, is to be kind to animals. Paranormal investigators would add it’s a good idea because you don’t want a haunting.

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