President Obama Emotional In Final Campaign Rally

President Barack Obama spoke during his final campaign rally on Monday, making an emotional plea to his supporters to not “give up on change.”

Obama became emotional during the final campaign rally in Iowa, speaking just 24 hours before he will learn if the American people have voted him in for a second term in office, reports The Telegraph.

A weary-looking president acknowledged to the gathered crowd that there wasn’t anything more that he could do to change the course of the election. Obama stated to the 20,000 supporters in Des Moines:

“After all the months of campaigning, after all the rallies, after the millions of dollars of ads it all comes down to you. It’s out of my hands now – it’s in yours.”

The president appealed to the crowd, asking them to remember the optimism of his 2008 campaign, especially the Iowa caucuses victory over Hillary Clinton. He described Iowa as the place “where our movement for change began.” Obama added:

“After all the we have been through together. After all that we’ve fought through together we cannot give up on change now. We’re not done yet on this journey. We’ve got more road to travel.”

NBC News notes that first lady Michelle Obama introduced her husband by saying, “Tomorrow we get the chance to finish what we started in Iowa.” The president added:

“When the cynics said we couldn’t, you said yes we can – you said yes, we can, and we did. Against all odds and we did. We’re not done yet on this journey. I’ve got a lot more fight left in me. But to wage that fight on behalf of American families, I need you to still have some fight in you too.”

President Obama will spend Election Day playing basketball in Chicago with his staff and friends while he waits for the presidential election results to come in.