‘Teen Wolf’ Nude Leak: Intimate Photos Of Tyler Posey, Cody Christian Surface Online

Tyler Posey is the latest Teen Wolf star to have his intimate photos leaked. A series of nude photos and videos featuring Tyler Posey has been circulating on social media, reports celebrity gossip blog Oh No They Didn’t. This comes just a day after fellow Teen Wolf star Cody Christian’s nude photos and videos surfaced online.

According to the Instagram account TylerPoseyFeed, an intimate video of Tyler Posey in the nude was leaked on Sunday, Jan. 15. The video is not the only thing that has leaked. A collection of photos and videos have already circulated on social media despite multiple attempts in stopping Teen Wolf fans from spreading and sharing the content.

tyler posey cody christian latest victims

“As what happened to Cody, now there’s a supposed video of Tyler naked on the web,” the post reads. “Don’t spread it and don’t watch it if u love Tyler! This is not alright! It’s his privacy as Cody. How would u feel if that happened to you? Respect their privacy!”

Cody Christian’s videos and photos just surfaced online. The latest in a string of Cody Christian nude leak reveals the actor’s thought process after the hacking that took place over the weekend. The actor’s nude photo surfaced on social media on Saturday, Jan. 14. An inside source close to the actor told Hollywood Life that he has been taking this scandal hard even though he has been receiving a lot of support from his fans.

“He’s absolutely mortified, embarrassed and furious over the video leak. To say that he is p***ed would not even begin to do justice to the level of his anger right now. But the main feeling he’s experiencing is humiliation. Her seriously can’t believe this has happened to him – he never in a million years thought he would fall victim to a betrayal like this, and he feels violated.”

“Cody doesn’t even want to leave the house or answer the phone, let alone think about heading back to work,” the source continued.

Christian is just the latest young star to fall victim to a hacking scandal, just as so many have in recent years. His Pretty Little Liars co-star, Lucy Hale, fell victim to her own hacking scandal last month. In the NSFW video, Christian is seen in various stages of undress as he pleasures himself for the camera. The video was obviously released without his consent. The actor is best known for his role as Theo Rakken on MTV’s Teen Wolf and as Mike Montgomery on Freeform’s PLL.

cody christian reponse

Many of Cody’s fans have since taken to social media to exclaim that they refused to watch the footage. They also made the hashtag #WeRespectYouCody trend across social media. Other famous stars have been targeted in recent years, including Jennifer Lawrence, Jeanette McCurdy, and Leslie Jones.

The International Business Times UK has reported the latest updates on Cody Christian’s leaked nude scandal. The actor has not released a statement regarding the scandal. It’s also unclear whether Tyler Posey will speak out about this scandal as well. Both men are very private on social media and only place the focus on their work. In a recent interview with ScreenerTV, Christian spoke out about his Teen Wolf character and his potential return to the series.

“I think Theo’s going to be this necessary evil, where they don’t really want his help. But I think he has information that they’re going to need. Shelley’s amazing, and regardless of what it is, we obviously have some sort of chemistry on screen with the characters, so there’s a possibility there. I think if fans really wanted to see it, and it made sense, and it fit into the story, then the writers and Jeff [Davis] will incorporate that into the show.”

[Featured image by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for MTV]