Obama And Romney Receive First Presidental Election Results: It’s A Tie! … At 5 Votes Each

The tiny New Hampshire village known as Dixville Notch cast its votes for the Presidency on Monday, and, in the first results for the 2012 Election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the small town battle ended in a tie!

Both candidates received a massive five votes apiece. Sure, there are not a lot of voters in Dixville Notch, but Obama did win over voters with 15 of 21 votes during his 2008 campaign.

In Hart’s Location, another New Hampshire town, President Obama won handily with a final tally of 23 votes to Romney’s 9. Pulling in a single vote was Libertarian Gary Johnson. Perhaps Gary should begin celebrating now as this will likely be the largest percentage of the national vote tally he will hold.

In 2008, President Obama had won 17 of 29 votes in the village.

First-voter status has been held by both towns since 1948. New Hampshire and Iowa have long been used in primaries to determine the future President of the United States.

Here’s an interesting fact about Dixville Notch: President Obama’s win in 2008 was the first time in 40 years that a Democrat won the town’s majority vote.

With Presidential elections and other important public office votes being held throughout the country on Tuesday, millions of American’s will be glued to their television sets as they eagerly await election results.

One small town may not determine the Presidency, but a win is a win, and, in a race that will likely come down to several swing voter states, both men will happily take what they can get this early in the contest.