‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rumors: Brown Family Pays Hefty $12,000 Felony Fine With Barely Time To Spare?

One thing you have to love about the Brown family: they’re always finding themselves in the middle of some mess, and while that’s terrible news for them, it’s great news for bloggers who get to write about their exploits. And the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors fail to disappoint the members of the entertainment news media, as word just got out that the Brown family has just paid their $12,000 felony fine with just enough time to spare.

According to the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors from Radar Online, patriarch Billy Brown, and his son Bam Bam, paid $12,000 to the Alaskan courts to settle up the debt they incurred as a result of running a government scam. Billy paid the courts $10,000, while Bam Bam coughed up the remainder of the balance. Documents obtained by Radar suggest that the family had until January 11 to pay the fines, and the dynamic duo paid up just a few weeks before the deadline.

With this fine being paid, they’ve effectively settled up the felony falsification and theft charges that were initially filed against them in 2014. The charges were originally filed when Billy and Bam Bam got $27,000 from the Alaskan government after claiming to live there. However, at the time, they lived in the “lower 48,” making them ineligible for the grant, and making them suspected of a felony for taking the money.

Meanwhile, according to the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors by Mic, Matt Brown‘s return to the “bush” has been less than satisfactory for him, especially since he hasn’t been able to get back into the swing of things since leaving the show — and the bush — for rehabilitative treatment for his alcohol addiction.

And while the rest of the family was busy welcoming a cow, Matt was busy rediscovering the wilderness.

“After so much time away from the Bush, he felt like he had to reconnect with the wilderness and find himself. While most of the family prepared to welcome a cow to Browntown, Matt set out on his own to hunt deer and prove to his family that they can rely on him again. However, he didn’t return home by the end of episode one. Determined not to go back empty-handed, Matt stayed out in the woods during a dangerous storm.”

Finally, according to the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors from TVRuckus, we can expect more hilarious Brown family hijinx when the family encounters bears on this week’s episode. The episode, titled “Bear With Us” (really?), are gearing up for battle with the ursine natives of Chichagof Island because the bears view the Brown family’s new cow, Sabrina, as food, not a friend.

It should be interesting to see which family — the bears, or the Browns — win in the showdown, because while there’s some question as to whether the Browns are natives of the bush, the bears most certainly are, and when they’re hungry, it’s best to get out of their way.

“This season, Billy Brown, wife Ami, and their seven grown children are focused on staying together at all costs. Matt Brown returns, rejoining the family. When the nest is full, it’s all-hands-on-deck to find sustainable food and resources. The Browns’ take their “bushcraft” to new levels, creating homemade dynamite and building their own sawmill.”

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