‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Episode 18: Is This The End For Joon Jae And Shim Cheong? [Spoilers]

The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 18 will be one of the most exciting installments in the Korean drama as the lead characters Heo Joon Jae and Shim Cheong may part ways—for good.

Fans of the top-rated fantasy drama series in Korea are already feeling a bit blue because of the upcoming end of The Legend Of The Blue Sea which now only has three episodes left.

Even so, developments in the series promise that there is still much to discover about the fate of our favorite silver-tailed mermaid and her adorable conman boyfriend as the two may finally decide to call it quits.

Some clues pointing towards this storyline have been revealed in TLOTBS Episodes 16 and 17 that aired last week, which earned an impressive 20 percent viewer ratings, as reported by the Korean Herald.

The Legend Of The Blue SeaEpisode 18 spoilers from the International Business Times India reveal some of the most compelling reasons why Lee Min Ho’s Heo Joon Jae and Jun Ji Hyun’s Shim Cheong will finally end their relationship.

According to the outlet, information that Shim Cheong erased from antagonist Ma Dae-Young’s (Sung Dong-il) memories may be considered a major factor in the fate of the on-screen couple.

In previous episodes, Ma Dae-young discovered that he is not the one who will deliver the death blow to both Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji-Hyun’s characters.

As the show progresses and reveal more of the characters’ memories of their past lives, we learn that that person who will attempt to kill the silver-tailed mermaid is Joon Jae’s stepbrother, Heo Chi-Hyun (Lee Ji-hoon). During present day, Heo Chi-Hyun is already revealing his true nature to Joon Jae as he admits to not being able to protect his stepfather in order to serve his mother.

What we didn’t know before Episode 17 was that Lee Ji-hoon’s character will have an ally hidden amongst Joon Jae’s comrades: Jo Nam-doo (Lee Hee-joon).

In one of the previous episodes of the show, Nam-doo discovered that Shim Cheong was really a mermaid and attempted to make profit out of that discovery. Fearing for her safety, Shim Cheong erased his memories of that moment by touching him.

Unfortunately, a mermaid’s abilities can only remove the memories from a person’s mind but it cannot change one’s heart. Because of this, both Ma Dae-young and Nam-doo continue on their evil paths.

Could it be possible that Joon Jae will realize that the only way to stop their fate from mirroring that of their past lives is to send Cheong back to the ocean?

Another possible factor revealed in past episodes that could greatly affect the development of Joon Jae and Shim Cheong’s love story in Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 18 is the fact that the conman lied to the mermaid again by hiding what really happened to their past selves, Kim Dam Ryeong and Se Hwa.

It is possible that in The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 18, Shim Cheong will finally realize that the only way to prevent Joon Jae from dying and remain alive herself is to keep her distance by returning to the sea.

Either way, clues pointing to these twists in The Legend Of The Blue Sea finale lead to the on-screen couple ending their relationship—that is, if they want to live.

Before these Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 18 spoilers emerged, the Inquisitr already pointed out this possibility, citing the complications that the on-screen couple would face.

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