‘RHOA’ Star Phaedra Parks Blocked By Apollo Nida When She Tried To Sell Their Home

It looks like Apollo Nida’s new prison pastime is to get under Phaedra Parks’ skin. Most recently, her imprisoned former husband made a move to keep her from selling the house they shared. The problem is, Apollo’s name was never actually on the deed for the house. While Apollo’s move might slow Phaedra down and make her mad, it certainly won’t stop her from selling the home.

This is just the latest move in the slow brewing feud between the former Real Housewives of Atlanta couple. Apollo’s needing of Phaedra started with the dissolution of their marriage. Even though Phaedra had already filed for divorce and even claimed it had already been granted, All About The Tea reports that Apollo went ahead and filed for divorce himself. He claimed that Phaedra’s filing wasn’t legit because her last name was spelled wrong in the paperwork. He also claimed that no one bothered to alert him when the divorce became final so he had no way of even knowing.

The home in question is just over 4,000 square feet and is located in Buckhead, one of the nicest parts of Atlanta. Even though the home was purchased in 2013, while she was married to Apollo, the Buckhead home was only in Phaedra Parks’ name for $845,000.

Apollo feels like he is owed a piece of the proceeds should Phaedra Parks sell that house. Apollo and Phaedra were married in 2009 and their divorce was final in 2016. Even if Phaedra purchased the home in her own name, Apollo may have actually had some claim to it. The imprisoned reality star is reportedly threatening to continue blocking the sale until Phaedra agrees to cut him in on the profit.

Phaedra and Apollo already have a divorce settlement but the details have been kept private and the settlement is sealed, which means that whatever Apollo got when Phaedra divorced him likely won’t be divulged. What we do know is that Phaedra paid $100,000 of his restitution. It’s just a small chunk and Apollo will be responsible for paying what is left of the $1.9 million court-ordered restitution.

In the irony of all ironies, Phaedra just replaced the family home with a brand new mansion of her own and it cost her the same amount that her former husband owes. The 9,000-square-foot stunner has six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and cost her $1.9 million, the exact same amount that Apollo was ordered to pay back to the state after being convicted of identity theft and fraud. Of course, he probably just owes $1.8 million now that Phaedra helped him out.

It’s unclear why Apollo Nida is continuing to be problematic for Phaedra Parks. It’s not like he wants to be married to her. The couple was rumored to be split up even before he headed off to prison. Apollo is already engaged to someone else whom he claims to have met prior to being locked up. The coincidence is that his new fiance, Sherien Almufti, works in real estate and lives in New Jersey near the prison where Apollo is being held.

Some have suggested that maybe Apollo is continuing to cause problems for Phaedra in order to keep himself, and now his new fiance, relevant in the reality TV world. After all, once he is released from prison, he’s going to need a job quickly so he can pay back all that money that he owes.

Do you think Apollo Nida deserves a piece of the profit from Phaedra Parks’ home sale? Tell us why he should or shouldn’t get paid in the comments section below.

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