Imprisoned ‘LHHNY’ Star Mendeecees Harris Adamant That He Was Not A Drug Dealer, Looking To Have Sentence Reduced

Mendeecees Harris has served just one year of his eight-year prison sentence. The Love & Hip Hop New York star recently has been working to have his sentence reduced by any means possible. The most recent angle that the convicted drug trafficker is taking is to argue that he was just a mule, not a dirty street dealer.

Apparently, Mendeecees feels like the judge came down pretty hard on him with the sentence even though the maximum that he could have been given was much higher. The LHHNY star is fighting back and looking for a reduction in his sentence and TMZ recently shared the contents of some of the court documents that have been filed in an attempt to spring Mendeecees early.

Harris pretty much spelled out the definition of drug mule in the documents that were filed. He explained that his job “collecting drugs from one party and handing them to another.” Mendeecees was never on the street with set prices or clientele. He claims that he was very low on the chain and his sentence should reflect that.

Mendeecees Harris’ last attempt to free himself was a little more creative. Rather than hoping for leniency based on convincing a judge that he really wasn’t the low-level drug dealer that he was made out to be, Mendecees instead argued that prior to his imprisonment, he had been working up and down the East Coast speaking circuit in hopes that his example would keep other kids from becoming drug dealers.

In his defense, Mendeecees did do quite a few public speaking engagements prior to his sentencing. Wouldn’t you do all the good deeds that you could if you were facing 20 years in prison over some drug trafficking charges and wanted the judge to think you’re not a bad person?

Right now, Mendeecees might be extra motivated to get released early so he can get all the drama between the mothers of his children under control. Recent episodes of Love & Hip Hop New York have centered around a storyline where Samantha Wallace and Erika DeShazer have been plotting to give Yandy Smith a big headache.

Prior to Mendeecees reporting for prison, he had a meeting with all the mothers including his own mother and Samantha’s mother Kim. He explained to them that he wanted to keep his kids together even if he wasn’t able to be around for a few years. It was and still is really important to Harris that his children have a good relationship with each other.

According to Yandy during Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop, she hasn’t even seen little Mendeecees since his dad went away to prison. Prior to his incarceration, he and Yandy took care of the little boy and now his mom is keeping him away from Yandy and her two small children.

Samantha was easily able to get Erika on her side, also causing the rift between Erika and Yandy to get even bigger. Erika doesn’t seem worried about letting the kids get together but has been battling Yandy over her place in the family. Erika won’t admit that she never was Mendeecees’ girlfriend. She claims they were exclusive until Yandy came along and even used the apartment that she shares with Mendeecees as proof. The problem is, she never actually lived in it with him at the same time.

Mendeecees Harris is doing everything he can to get out of prison early while Yandy battles with Erika and Samantha on social media and reality TV. Will he make it out in time to clean up the mess or will the Love & Hip Hop New York star be stuck in a cell for another seven years? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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