Louis Saint-Fleur, Dennis Simmons: ‘Fatal Attraction’ On TV One Airs Love Triangle Murder Case Of Former Red Lobster Employee

On the next Fatal Attraction on TV One, investigators are on the hunt for a person who gunned down Louis Saint-Fleur in cold blood outside of his Florida home almost 20 years ago. A clear suspect comes into focus when they learn that the victim was involved with a woman who had another lover in Atlanta. The Fatal Attraction episode chronicling the Saint-Fleur case is titled “Dangerous Appeal.” In the real case, authorities arrested Dennis Maurice Simmons, who was ultimately convicted of murder.


In 2000, 28-year-old Louis Saint-Fleur was gunned down right outside his aunt’s apartment at 327 Orrin Circle N.E. in Florida at around 9:15 p.m.

Stunned family members had no idea who would want to kill Saint-Fleur or how anyone knew that he would be at his aunt’s home in Winter Haven.

Police later determined that the victim was involved with a woman named Natasha Martin, who he had met the month prior at a club in Atlanta, Georgia. The two were said to have had an instant attraction, and a love connection grew quickly between them. However, detectives say that Natasha was also involved with another man, 26-year-old Dennis Simmons, her high-school sweetheart, and the father of her child.

Not only was Simmons her young daughter’s father, he was also her domestic partner since they lived together.

An autopsy report showed that Louis Saint-Fleur died of gunshot wounds, which struck him in the throat and cheek. He most likely never knew what hit him.

When investigators pinpointed Dennis Simmons as their prime suspect, family members came to his defense, stating that Dennis had been at a Labor Day barbecue with his Tampa family when the murder occurred, according to The Ledger.

“Several family members testified during Simmons’ trial that he had spent the day at Adventure Island park in Tampa with a younger brother and cousin the day of Saint-Fleur’s murder, then went to a family barbecue at his grandmother’s house that night. They said he left for Atlanta hours after Saint-Fleur was shot. But prosecutors accused family members of coordinating their stories, based on information an investigator from the Public Defender’s Office told them about the murder, to provide an alibi for Simmons.”

The investigation revealed that Natasha Martin was planning to leave Dennis Simmons for Louis Saint-Fleur. She also planned to move from her residence in Atlanta to relocate to Florida.

Detectives say Martin even visited Louis in Florida. But when she returned, her secret was discovered after Dennis found Saint-Fleur’s picture and phone number in her purse.

The phone number led to the home where he was later murdered. But Louis Saint-Fleur had secrets of his own. Detectives say that he had multiple women on the side, and even had a wife and a daughter. The handsome Red Lobster worker was described as a light-skinned man who loved to ride bicycles and play soccer. There was also some suggestion that he had been seen speaking with a known drug dealer.

At the time of the initial investigation, police weren’t sure what kind of case they were working with.

People who knew Dennis Maurice Simmons were in disbelief over the allegations. Prosecutors say that Simmons was a man who was desperate to hold on to his relationship. He allowed the jealousy to simmer until he finally let his emotions get the best of him.

According to investigators, Dennis Simmons, a night shift worker at USPS, got in his vehicle and made the drive from Georgia to Florida, where he tracked Louis Saint-Fleur down and killed him.

For the murder, he was sentenced to life in prison. Fatal Attraction’s coverage will most likely go more in depth, examining the relationship between Natasha and Dennis, and how it all led to the tragic situation of which we are aware today.

To see it go down, watch Fatal Attraction this Monday night on TV One. According to News Slice, it airs at 10/9 p.m. Central. Do you want more Fatal Attraction? Then check out the case of killer grandmother Jacqueline Ray.


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