The End Of Obamacare May Be In The Near Future: Congress Passes Budget To Dismantle Obama’s Healthcare

WJACTV reports that Congress has officially passed a budget to dismantle Obama’s healthcare. Perhaps Obamacare may come to an end in the near future, as this is the first step to victory.

The newly approved budget will prevent the Democrats from using a Senate filibuster to make it impossible for the law to be removed or replaced. The Senate, currently made up of 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats, can end filibusters with 60 votes.

The next crucial step for the Republicans is to decide what parts of Obamacare needs to be kept, and what needs to be removed. Further, they must consider how to keep 20 million people protected, who got Obamacare coverage when it came into effect in 2010. The Republicans must also determine what a new healthcare law should look like.

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Since the Senate approved the budget with a 227-198 vote, the President does not have to sign in order for it to take effect.

Obamacare has been highly controversial since it was created in 2010. While it especially helped low-income families and those with pre-existing conditions, many found it to be a financial burden with high premiums and deductibles. According to BBC, insurance companies are backing out of Obamacare due to the lack of Americans signing up for it, which in return increases the costs, thus leading to even less participation.

Further, the Obamacare policies are not good enough, and the fines for not enrolling in healthcare is simply not large enough large enough to force people into enrolling.

Ever since Donald Trump began running for President, he has been completely against keeping Obamacare. How has his thoughts on the Affordable Care Act changed since then? Overall, not very much has changed in President-elect Donald Trump’s mind.

According to Obamacare Facts, Donald Trump has planned to either revise Obamacare, or completely do away with it. Regardless of what President-elect Donald Trump decides to do, “Trump Care” will keep certain provisions of Obamacare.

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For instance, Trump will continue to keep guaranteed coverage for those with preexisting conditions. Secondly, he will continue to allow children to stay on their parents’ healthcare plan until they reach the age of 26. Trump will likely consider elements from past GOP plans.

Donald Trump does not feel that everyone should be forced to purchase health insurance. Further, he believes that as long as the coverage will work for where ever a person resides, there should be no restrictions on what health insurance a person can purchase. Trump believes that without this restriction, the market will be more competitive, thus lowering costs of insurance and causing more satisfaction from customers.

Donald Trump would like health care premiums to be fully tax deductible. Businesses can take these deductions, so individuals should have the same ability to do so, as well. Further, everyone should have the opportunity to have an HSA (Health Savings Account). This account will be tax-free and can accumulate. When the owner of the HSA passes away, this money will be a part of the deceased person’s estate, thus going to the heirs-at-law or to whomever it is willed to.

Overall, Trump’s healthcare plan will lower costs for the American people, provide financial security, and remove uncertainty.

According to The Fiscal Times, Obamacare premiums have increased the most in Arizona, more than doubling. Oklahoma, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Alabama make the top five list for the highest increase. Pennsylvania took a close sixth place, with an increase of 53 percent, followed by Nebraska. All the remaining states have increased by 41 percent or less.

President-elect Donald Trump’s healthcare plan couldn’t begin soon enough, considering the major increase that has recently been proposed by Obamacare. It will certainly be interesting to see the changes that President-elect Donald Trump makes to the new healthcare. How do you feel Obamacare being dismantled?

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