T-ara Bullying Scandal Truth Exposed: A Complete Story With Info From All Sides

The T-ara bullying scandal that took place five years ago has resurfaced with some stunning revelations. A lot of new information has come out from various people involved with the matter giving a clear picture of what transpired back in 2012.

The can of worms was opened when former T-ara member Hwayoung and her twin sister Hyoyoung appeared as guests on tvN's Taxi. During the show, they revealed the information about the T-ara bullying scandal.

Hwayoung Speaks on Alleged T-ara Bullying

Hwayoung left T-ara back in 2012 after claiming that she was being bullied by other members. Recently on the episode of Taxi, she broke down along with her twin sister Hyoyoung while talking about the T-ara bullying scandal.

Hwayoung tells her side of the story
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Hwayoung admitted that she was disappointed about the incident and nothing much had happened. She further added that it was something that can occur in any group of women. She accepted that she was young and did not know how to behave in the society. She added, "I cried a lot shut up in my room. I also lost a lot of weight."

Hyoyoung supported her twin sister in her claims and added that Hwayoung would watch TV shows without showing any emotions during that period.

Former T-ara Staff Member Reveals The Truth

After the show had been aired, a former T-ara staff member came forward to give out the truth on the alleged T-ara bullying scandal, as reported by Soompi.

The staff member said that the Hyoyoung-Hwayoung were lying. According to the post written by the person, he did not believe that what had happened five years ago was acceptable as it was being claimed by Hwayoung.

The Staff member then posted the image of messages that were exchanged between Hyoyoung and Ahreum. It is clearly evident from the messages that Hyoyoung was bullying or rather threatening Ahreum.

T-ara bullying scandal's leaked messages have been confirmed as authentic. The former T-ara staff member also talked about Hwayoung's leg injury. According to him, she did fall but had no issues with her legs. She went to a second hospital to get a half cast after the first hospital told her that she was okay.

Hyoyoung's Label Jumps To Her Defense

Hyoyoung's label, B.A.M Company, has jumped to her defense on the latest T-ara bullying scandal revelations. They said that Hyoyoung did not know all the details about what was happening in the T-ara. They added further, "She only sent the messages as an older sister because she was watching her younger sister suffer so much, and there was no other reason."

According to Hyoyoung's label, she was very young at that time and could not see her younger sister suffer because of the bullying. They said that she was speaking as a family member.

T-ara's Former Member Ahreum Speaks

T-ara's former member, Ahreum also spoke about the bullying scandal. She admitted that the leaked messages were real, and she was thankful that the truth was finally out.

Ahreum also thanked the reporter for bringing the truth out as she had kept it inside for a long time. She even invited the person who leaked the messages to meet her in person. She added further, "Everyone, let's have strength like nothing happened today! I'm okay. Don't worry about me. I'm okay. I'm sorry for making you worry."

Former T-ara Manager Says Everything Is True

T-ara's former manager spoke with MBN Star and said that everything that has been surfacing recently is true. He clarified that all the messages that were leaked online were true, and anyone working with T-ara at that time would agree.

T-ara Manager reveals the truth
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He admitted that back then they had decided to bury the incident, and it was surprising that everything had leaked online through blogs.

T-ara's Agency Is Unhappy With The Truth Coming Out

MBK Entertainment, T-ara's agency released a statement via an interview with Osen on the recent Hwayoung-Hyoyoung controversy, as reported by allkpop.

In the statement, they accepted that back in 2012 they did not explain the situation as no one would have believed. The representative accepted that T-ara bullying scandal was tough for both the member and company. The statement further added, "The truth from 5 years ago has come to light, but to be honest, we don't welcome it."

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