Brad Pitt Reportedly Healthier Since Angelina Jolie Split: Still Fighting For Joint Custody Amid Divorce

Brad Pitt is the healthiest he’s been in years, a source has alleged, claiming that the actor’s divorce process with Angelina Jolie has given him time to focus on himself again.

According to Us Weekly, Brad has really dedicated his spare time to get on a healthier side again, with one source stressing how Pitt had indulged in so much junk food prior to his split with Angie that he knew he needed to change his ways sooner than later.

On top of that, with all the drama that’s currently embroiling with his soon-to-be ex-wife and how the actress is currently demanding full custody of their six children, Brad Pitt feels the need to be in the right mindset and look the part to show the judge that he’s more than capable of being granted joint custody of the children.

brad pitt angelina jolie divorce battle

It’s very much been a mental thing for Brad, who was alleged to have been blindsided by Angelina’s move to file for divorce, before going on an enormous smear campaign, as claimed by the actor’s reps, convinced that Jolie had tried to portray the Golden Globe-winning star as a bad parent.

There’s no denying that Brad has struggled with the divorce process, since he’s also been very limited with the time has to see his kids. Yet, on a positive note, when he does find himself to be alone, he dedicates those hours to working out and hiking, all while remaining on a healthy diet.

“He lost a bunch of weight,” a source tells Us Weekly. “He’s focusing on himself again, watching what he eats and has a chef making him healthy meals. He’s exercising. He’s been outdoors a lot, hiking, and walking. He’s had a lot of time to focus on himself.”

Viewers who tuned in for last week’s Golden Globes were pleasantly surprised by how youthful Brad was looking when he took to the stage near the end of the ceremony. The healthier lifestyle has definitely done wonders for the 53-year-old, who is gearing up for one of the toughest years of his life.

Hollywood Life then goes on to detail all the things Brad has been doing in order to get himself into the right mindset and body after a disastrous couple of months.

brad pitt golden globes speech with ryan gosling

While the Hollywood star could have easily suffered a breakdown with Angelina’s supposed attempts to block her husband from any visitation rights, Brad has remained strong, and with the help of his brother, Doug, he’s overcoming one barrier at a time.

“Brad’s doing a ton of cardio and light weights in addition to spinning and even some yoga,” the insider gushed.

“When he was living with Angie and the kids there was always loads of snack type foods laying around, and Brad is a sucker for junk food and late night munching. But now he’s living on his own, he has full control over what food is in the house, and all he has is organic, healthy, low-calorie stuff.”

Doug might be Brad Pitt’s younger brother, but he’s been supporting his sibling through the thick of it all, the source adds.

It’s been reported for weeks that the 12 Years A Slave actor and his estranged wife are preparing for one of the most intense divorce cases in showbiz — one that could potentially set the couple back by more than $10 million.

Funnily enough, neither Brad Pitt nor Angelina cares about the properties they have purchased together; their main concern is to the children and who will be granted what. Jolie wants full custody, while Brad is being reasonable and asks to share the parenting duties and having joint custody instead.

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