Melania Trump Gets ‘Glam Room’ In White House Making Abe’s Bedroom So Yesteryear? [Opinion]

Melania Trump will eventually leave the gilded Manhattan tower she calls home for the less extravagant digs offered at the White House. This may come as a culture shock to Melania, but there is a remedy for this. One room in the White House has been designated for the incoming first lady to call her own. It’s a room that will harbor all the things Melania will use in her daily beauty routine and it has already been tagged the “glam room.” Talk about the centuries of style colliding, you have Lincoln’s bedroom and Melania’s glam room all under one roof!

Having something customized at the White House to suit the new first family’s needs is nothing new. While a glam room is a new concept, Michelle Obama had her garden and the Obama girls had their swing set on the White House lawn. Nancy Reagan loved fine China and the list goes on. Chances are Melania’s glam room will be the first of its kind within the walls of the White House. It might even give the Lincoln Bedroom some competition when it comes to sparking interest among the masses!

While a swing set and a garden are on a different level than a glam room, it just goes to show you just how different one first family can be from another. As inauguration day rolls around, one of the most glamorous first ladies to grace the halls of the White House since the days of Jackie Kennedy is about to move in. With Melania in the White House, you can expect a lot of glam, according to AOL Lifestyle.

Melania and Donald Trump are coming from Mahattan, which is in the heart of a city that’s known for it’s lavish parties and events. With Donald Trump hailing from the business world, both he and Melania were either guests or the hosts of many of these glamorous affairs.

The Washington social scene has their eyes on Donald and Melania Trump with the expectation they will reboot the social scene in D.C. back to the days when White House parties were common place. The Washington Times suggests the Trump couple is expected to “shake up the old-line D.C. society.”

President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan were the last residents of the White House to really indulge in the glamor of entertaining. Baby Boomers undoubtedly remember the backlash over Nancy Reagan spending $200,000 on White House China. She was a first lady who knew how to entertain! The more modern day first families have not put much stock in entertaining guests beyond a state dinner now and then. George and Laura Bush were in bed by 9 p.m., so holding many gala affairs is not something noted in their legacy.

Much like Nancy Reagan, Melania knows that all the right steps leading up to a successful party starts with the hostess. Nancy’s choice of apparel dropped jaws back in 1981 when she showed up in a $25,000 designer gown for her husband’s inauguration. With decades of inflation factored in, the gown would cost $60,000 today, according to The Washington Times. Melania’s new White House glam room will fit right in for the D.C. social life that both her and Donald Trump are expected to jump start, just like an old battery waiting for a new charge. Check out Donald Trump being greeted by both Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan in the tweet below.

Vogue can only speculate what Melania’s glam room will look like, but they assure their readers you won’t be looking at a stark glam room with only a traditional sink and mirror. They report it was Melania who requested that her glam room have very special lighting. Nicole Bryl will be the makeup artist for Melania at the White House and she describes this room right down to having “the most perfect lighting scenario,” which was Melania’s request for lighting up her glam room.

Melania’s room of glam will be dedicated to her wardrobe, makeup and hair styling. Getting Melania styled and ready for the day is not a task that is quickly achieved, according to the woman who is going to be doing some of the work with Melania in her new specialized room.

Despite being a natural beauty, Melania does spend a good deal of time sculpting the perfect look before starting her day. According to Bryl, Melania’s complete beauty routine is not a 10-minute event. The future FLOTUS takes “about one hour and 15 minutes of uninterrupted focus.” If Melania is expected to play a major part in rebooting the D.C. social life via the White House, then that glam room is certainly called for!

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