Paul Ryan Attacks Obama’s Lack Of Christian Values, Suggests Obama Rejects ‘Western Civilization’

Paul Ryan attacked Obama’s “Christian values” or alleged lack thereof in a conference call with Evangelical supporters, saying the President is setting the country on a “dangerous” course should he be re-elected.

Paul Ryan’s comments about Obama’s Christian values were made on the call with supporters Sunday night, hosted by Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition. “Tens of thousands” of supporters were on the Paul Ryan call Sunday night, ABC reports.

Paul Ryan’s remarks about Obama’s Christian values are a common theme in the coming election, one many say is a race-based “dog whistle” owing to the President’s skin color and upbringing during which he lived abroad at some points. Ryan didn’t say specifically which values Obama, who is a Christian, threatens as he spoke to the voters who called in to the conference.

Ryan said:

“[Obama’s values set America on] a dangerous path … It’s a path that grows government, restricts freedom and liberty, and compromises those values, those Judeo-Christian, western civilization values that made us such a great an exceptional nation in the first place.”

The VP contender leaned heavily on voter fear of a second Obama term during the call, suggesting that the President will restrict Christians if re-elected and added:

“We should not have to sue the federal government to keep our constitutional freedoms … Imagine what he would do if he actually got reelected. It just puts a chill down my spine.”

Paul Ryan's coal country stop in Belmont, Ohio

Paul Ryan’s comments about Obama’s danger to Christian values follows an automatic call made to Republican voters recently in which the campaign is said to have warned voters that “we can’t underestimate the threat Barack Obama poses to our faith, our values, our freedom.”

Do you agree with Paul Ryan’s remarks about President Obama’s Christian values?