Ohio Poll: Mitt Romney’s Support In The Swing State Has Grown In Every Demogaphic But One

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are still drawing dead even in most Ohio polls. A Cincinnati Enquirer/Ohio News Organization poll broke down the support figures for each candidate to offer a concise picture of how Buckeye State residents are likely to vote on Election Day.

The new Ohio poll has both Romney and Obama at 49 percent, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. The figures show a dip for President Obama, who earned 51 percent of the potential votes from polling participants.

Romney’s support had grown among males, high school and college graduates, and in all other poll categories except the 18 to 29 age range. When asked if they would be scared if their respective candidate did not win, 29 percent of both the Democratic and Republican survey participants answered in the affirmative.

According to the election poll, just under one in five voters stated that had cast their ballots by absentee or early voting means. Mitt Romney fared best with voters 30 o 45 and those 65 and above. A total of 98 percent of African American participants in the Ohio poll said they would be casting their vote for the president. White respondents split with 55 percent supporting the Republican nominee and 43 percent the Democratic incumbent.

The economy was the driving issue for the political survey participants. The months of seemingly non-stop campaign commercials about supposed women’s issues did not seem of much importance to the swing state voters polled. The bulk of President Obama’s support came from the northern and central regions of the state, according to the election survey.