Kailyn Lowry To Demand Apology From MTV During ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion For Going Behind Her Back?

Kailyn Lowry was shocked to watch this week’s episode of Teen Mom, as she learned that the producers who had been her support system for years decided to go behind her back. While filming Teen Mom 2, the producers asked her why she didn’t want to film her conversations with Javi for the show and Lowry freaked out. Rather than give her time to cool down and perhaps understand that they are going through a divorce, the producers decided to go behind her back and film a scene where one of Javi’s friends was talking to him instead. And this was the ultimate betrayal for Kailyn.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now being encouraged by viewers to stand up for herself and demand an apology from Teen Mom producers. And one person believes that she should demand this apology on the Teen Mom reunion special. No word on whether that has been filmed yet, but it would be interesting to see her demand an apology for the producers getting the entire story.

“I hope Kailyn Lowry producers get on stage and apologize at the reunion bc that was the shittiest thing the #TeenMomFranchise has done,” one person wrote in defense of Lowry, who had clearly stated that she didn’t want to film her phone calls with Marroquin, to which Kailyn Lowry replied, “That would never happen.”

Several people pointed out that Kailyn Lowry should accept the fact that the producers went behind her back, as she signed on to film a reality show that includes her ex-husband. Many people adore Javi and they want to see his side of the story as well, as he is currently deployed on the show. And one person did point out that Lowry would probably never quit the show because it has funded her education.

“That would never happen” That would be the same as you and the MTV contract and the check you cash. Nevagonnaquitthat,” one person wrote back to Lowry, while another added, “Do you feel like this season is more negative toward the show in general? Like I get what’s wrong but it makes me sad.”

Several of the Teen Mom stars have threatened to leave the show because they don’t feel appreciated. While Kailyn Lowry may not quit Teen Mom 2 because of this little stunt, she may think twice about being honest with them in the future. And fans would love to see her stay on the show despite this betrayal of trust.

“I don’t want the show to end I love watching everyone grow and it’s just so cute 🙁 Not just that like in general all the moms seem to be talking negatively about the show and they’re more open about how it affects their lives. It’s just weird that they’ve never shown us this before,” a third follower pointed out, sharing the opinion that perhaps MTV was taking a harsher approach with Kailyn this season.

Before the season started, Kailyn Lowry knew that she would face some criticism because of how her divorce from Marroquin was playing out in the media. But now people are understanding what she went through behind closed doors.

“Kailyn Lowry said she didn’t want to film talking to Javi Marroquin. MTV goes to his friend. Shady. Real shady,” one person had previously pointed out on Twitter after this week’s episode aired, to which Lowry replied, “Amen!!!!!!”

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry possibly asking for an apology? Do you think she should bring up this betrayal on the Teen Mom 2 reunion in hopes of getting an apology from the producers?

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