Hurricane Sandy First Responders Kicked Out By Victoria’s Secret Show

Models over the military?

Given the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy, New York City seems to have some weird priorities. For example, Mayor Michael Bloomberg insisted on going forward with the NYC Marathon until he was forced to cancel it after an outcry from storm victims.

Now, according to the New York Post, about 300 National Guardsmen and active duty military are being kicked out of the Lexington Armory in Manhattan to make room for a Victoria’s Secret runway show. The lingerie performance is scheduled for Wednesday.

Guard troops have been sleeping at the armory in their downtime from hurricane-relief shifts.

The Post reports that the “military workers will be relocated to the Jacob Javits Center, Harlem Armory and hotels such as the Marriott East Side and Ramada East Side — where they’ll bunk five to 10 per room on the government’s dime.”


The Victoria’s Secret crew has already started moving in: “Last night, about 150 of the personnel were crammed into a space meant for 50 as Victoria’s Secret workers moved in equipment and set up temporary dressing rooms.”

Separately, as The Inquisitrhas reported, the mayor doesn’t seem to be on the same page as the National Guard generally. A new report has emerged that Bloomberg rejected assistance from the National Guard in the outer boroughs due to the fact that they carry guns.

In the meantime, many New York City storm victims are furious because they are still without adequate food, clothing, and heat and that government assistance at the federal, state, and local level has been wholly inadequate.

Do you think the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Manhattan should have been canceled?