Coincidence Of Wolf Moon, Venus, Friday 13th Sparks Werewolf And Apocalypse Speculation: World Could End This Weekend, Conspiracy Theorists Claim

There is an ongoing buzz of excitement in online paranormal and conspiracy theory circles, with many believers, including apocalyptic Christian groups and paranormal enthusiasts, predicting that the appearance of Venus alongside the Wolf Moon on Thursday, January 12, followed by Friday the 13th, is especially ominous and could be a sign of imminent catastrophic events that will shake the world this year.

Some Christian groups are insisting that the apocalyptic event that brings about the end of the world could happen this weekend.

According to paranormal and end-of-the-world conspiracy theorist, the appearance of the first Full Moon of the year, known as the Wolf Moon, is sufficiently ominous. The coincidence of the Wolf Moon on Thursday, January 12, with Venus at its brightest in years, followed closely by Friday 13th, should cause disquiet because it is a rare coincidence that could be the sign of a major apocalyptic event and the end of the world.

Some Christians argued that the unique combination of astronomical signs fulfills the prophecy in the New Testament Gospel Of Luke 21: 25 that there shall be signs in the heavens before the end of the world.

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.”

Look out for werewolves at Wolf Moon, paranormal enthusiasts say [Image by Blur Life 1975/Shutterstock]

The Full Moon and Venus fulfill Luke’s prophecy of “signs in the Moon and stars,” some Christians claimed. Although Venus is not a star it looks like a very bright star and the ancients had considered it to be a special type of star.

Tensions in every part of the world and the war ongoing in Syria, with threats of World War III confrontation between the United States and Russia, fulfill the sign of the “distress of the nations,” according to end-of-the-world conspiracy theorists.

“Please we need to be ready at all times because we are practically close to the end of days,” an anxious believer admonished others on Facebook, according to Express.

“Jesus is going to crack the sky and take His children home soon and very soon,” a second believer added. “The world is looking for a savior in all the wrong places.”

“There is so much division and hatred, and wars of every kind. Not just wars between countries,” the second believer continued, “but wars in the home, wars with the government, wars between generations, wars in the marriage, wars in the streets, war everywhere you see.”

“January 12, Celtic Wolf, Full Moon. January 13…. a Friday (nuff said).”

A lone wolf howls up at the moon at Wolf Moon [Image by Tcheres/AP images]

Paranormal researchers and enthusiasts agreed with Christians that the coincidence of the Wolf Moon, Venus and Friday 13th is ominous. According to paranormal experts, the Wolf Moon in the night sky ahead of Friday 13th should cause concern.

The term Wolf Moon, about the first Full Moon of the year in January, originated in Native American folklore and belief system. According to Native Americans, wolves are especially hungry on the first Full Moon of the New Year. This explains why the Wolf Moon is also called the Hunger Moon.

However, the coincidence of the Full Moon with a bright Venus in the sky, followed by Friday the 13th, could mean that the wolves are even more ravenous this year.

This is the interpretation of the dire situation by a self-proclaimed “mystic investigator” who adds fuel to the fire of apocalyptic fears with grim warnings about “packs of angry and rabid werewolves” that will prowl lonely rural roads and areas of the country on the night of Thursday, January 12, and Friday the 13th.

According to the paranormal investigator, the Full Moon of January could be the most dangerous light of the year, second only to the Halloween Blood Moon. This is because during the Wolf Moon the metaphysical energies of the “wayward Full Moon” force werewolves to come together into “vicious rabid packs… of malevolent monsters.”

“A terrifying gang hell bent on devouring just about every animal in sight — particularly human beings!”

A werewolf prowls in the night at Wolf Moon [Image by Breakemaximus/AP images]

The “unholy kinship” that results when werewolves draw together during the time of the first Full Moon of the New Year in January explains why it is called the Wolf Moon, according to the paranormal researcher.

“Normally, werewolves are thankfully loners,” the paranormal expert explained. “It’s rare to form organized packs. However, paranormal packs are common among Native Americans [who were the first to] make the werewolf curse their own.”

The paranormal investigator then goes on to warn everyone to stay indoors during the first night when the Moon is brightest until after Friday 13th.

“If you must venture out be sure to steer clear of desolate rural areas,” he warned, “and wear bright reflective clothing. Even a flashlight can confuse them long enough for you to make an escape.”

For those who choose to stay indoors, adorning the house with silver is highly recommended. Holy water obtained from your local church could also come in handy. Otherwise, you can take a jug of water to your local church and ask your priest to bless it.

Other holy artifacts, such as crucifixes, could also be used effectively as weapons against werewolves possessed with “demonic DNA,” according to the paranormal expert.

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