‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Trailer: Cast And Spoilers Revealed

A new Prison Break Season 5 trailer released yesterday, finally gives us an extended glimpse of the cast and some spoilers from the upcoming 2017 reboot of the series. Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is indeed alive, and held in a prison once again. But how did he get there, how did he survive his “death” from Season 4 of Prison Break, and will his brother and friends be able to break him out of prison, again?

Prison Break Season 5’s premiere date is April 4, and most of the cast members from the original series are coming back, including Dominic Purcell as Michael’s brother Lincoln Burrows and Sarah Wayne Callies as Michael’s ex-wife, Sara Tancredi. Also returning are Amaury Nolasco (Fernando Sucre), Paul Adelstein (Paul Kellerman), and Robert Knepper, who plays the fan favorite villain, Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell.

Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

The newly released Prison Break Season 5 trailer finally shows the cast in action. It starts with a Michael Scofield voice-over, reminding us of his apparent death at the end of Season 4.

“I died seven years ago. Left behind a wife, a son and a brother. But the dead talk. If you listen.”

Michael’s return is further emphasized by the dialog between his ex-wife, Sara, and their son.

“He was like a storm. He would show up in your life and then he would disappear.”

“But storms, they can come back, can’t they?” the son asks, and fans across the world are probably answering with a resounding “Yes.”


Many of the returning cast members can be seen on the Prison Break Season 5 trailer, along with some minor spoilers. T-Bag, of all people, seems to be the one who notifies Lincoln that his brother might still be alive, and we learn Michael is incarcerated in a Middle Eastern prison. Lincoln then starts putting the gang back together, from C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) to Sucre. Their goal? Yes – a prison break.

The first Prison Break Season 5 trailer, released back in May, 2016, showed Michael planning the prison break with his friends. It also showed Lincoln informing Michael’s ex-wife, Sara, that Michael is indeed alive – but some of the returning cast members were still absent from the first trailer.


Hopefully, Prison Break Season 5 will finally give us the romantic reunion we’ve been hoping to see – between Michael and Sara. But it’s not going to be easy, because Sara is now married to Jacob, a character played by Mark Feuerstein, as E! Online reports. Believing Michael was dead, Sara went ahead and got remarried. What will she do now that he’s returned? Sarah Wayne Callies tries to explain.

“There’s a lot of water under the bridge. I think from her perspective, the question is if you have been alive, why haven’t you raised our son? Where have you been? Because I almost died from grief…

Those are a lot of questions that may make it unlikely to be a reunion where two people run at each other from opposite sides of a field full of butterflies and sort of fall into each other’s arms.”

The Prison Break Season 5 trailer only shows Sara hugging Michael’s brother, Lincoln – but it’s safe to assume we will eventually see some sort of reunion between the two lovers.

Wentworth Miller and Sarah Wayne Callies. [Image by Fox]

Season 5 of Prison Break, labeled as an “event series”, will consist of only nine episodes (Season 4 had 24 episodes). The shorter run was a decision made by Prison Break‘s creator, Paul T. Scheuring, and the cast, as TV Guide reports. The show’s stars, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are both busy with their roles on the DC Universe shows (The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow), but more than that, a shorter run enabled the team to focus on a tighter story, as Scheuring explains.

“When you put a show on network TV in 2005, the assumption was that you had 22 episodes. In the new era of television, people are much more open to limited runs and event series.

Knowing that, and them coming back to me saying, ‘Let’s do a limited run of this thing,’ which started at 10 and ultimately became nine [episodes], I said, ‘OK, this is worth doing.'”

With less than three months left to wait, the Prison Break Season 5 trailer looks very promising, reminding us what a roller-coaster of emotions and action Prison Break once was, and hopefully – will be again.

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