WWE News: WWE NXT Star Samoa Joe Set For ‘Monster Push’ On Main Roster Heading Into ‘WrestleMania 33’

WWE NXT star Samoa Joe has been killing it with NXT for the better part of two years and now it appears he is set to debut on WWE’s main roster very soon, and when he does there is an expectation that he will be getting a huge push to a top level position heading into WrestleMania 33. For those unaware, Samoa Joe has been an absolute monster on the NXT roster and would eventually become the first two time NXT Champion.

Many feel that he is well worth a top spot on WWE’s main roster due to how impressive he has been in NXT. Not many can truly argue it, as his debut on the main roster is one of the most anticipated things in WWE this year. The idea is that he will end up debuting in the Royal Rumble match at the PPV of the same name later this month. WWE has had a habit of debuting talent or having some return during this match.

The last two years have seen the number three slot use major people, such as Bubba Ray Dudley’s return and AJ Styles’ debut. That said, we could see Samoa Joe debut with the main roster at that very spot. Regardless of when or how he debuts, he is set to be on the main roster before WrestleMania 33 in a few months. This is key, seemingly, because WWE has big plans for him.

Samoa Joe Finn Balor

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE is planning a “monster push” for Samoa Joe this year. It is said that this is supposed to lead into a major WrestleMania match. There was a small rumor claiming that WWE was planning on having Samoa Joe take on AJ Styles for the WWE World Championship. Of course, this was only a rumor at the time and even shot down by various sites.

However, could this rumor now be coming true? Is it possible that WWE saw it and thought it was a good plan, even though it wasn’t their first thought for Samoa Joe? This could be. WWE has been known to go after fan ideas online in the past, and even borrowing storyline ideas from other televised promotions. It would not be a shock for WWE to go to the internet to know how to use a certain worker.

Triple H has been very cautious with the WWE NXT talent that heads to the main roster. He has pushed for all new talent to have a storyline ready to go on day one. This did not seem to happen with Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin when they first arrived, but it did occur with Finn Balor and Bayley when they showed up. Possibly the two biggest NXT products ever, WWE wanted to make sure they were both used well. Sadly Balor got hurt early into his initial run and Bayley came in during the Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair rivalry.

Samoa Joe Shinsuke Nakamura

Initially, the plans were good for both, however, and Bayley at least has stayed close to the WWE Women’s Title picture since her debut. Triple H is a big fan of Samoa Joe, and that clearly means he would not want to see Samoa Joe go to the main roster on WWE RAW or SmackDown Live only to have no storyline or direction when he absolutely killed it on the WWE NXT brand.

It makes complete sense that WWE wants to possibly have Samoa Joe go on a huge run the moment he arrives. If he can do so and make a huge impression on day one, he can start to take on a role that WWE desperately needs to fill. The need for a monster heel that is athletic and able to work with anyone is by no means filled on WWE RAW. If he went there, he could be a huge help to the roster. However, there is a theory that he could be better used on SmackDown Live.

Right now, it is unknown which brand he will go to when he arrives to the main roster. What is known is that WWE does feel that Samoa Joe has a great use and they want to make sure to exploit that as much as possible while they can do so. It was once thought WWE would never hire someone like Samoa Joe, so it is interesting that they are now open to possibly pushing him to the moon upon his arrival to the main roster. We will need to wait and see if this comes to pass however.

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