Eric Cantor Confident That Mitt Romney Can Win In Virginia

Eric Cantor has a lot of faith in Mitt Romney’s chances in Virginia.

Appearing Sunday on Meet the Press, Cantor said he is confident that Romney will be able to win in the battleground state on Election Day.

“I see on the ground in Virginia there is a lot of enthusiasm for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan,” Cantor said in an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press. “We’re going to win this state and I think we’re going to win a lot bigger than we predicted.”

As the National Journal reported, Eric Cantor also downplayed the effect of New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s praise of Obama for his response to Hurricane Sandy.

Asked if Christie’s praise of Obama will hurt Romney’s chances on Tuesday, Eric Cantor responded, “If 7.9 percent unemployment and 12 million out of work and 8 million more underemployed — if that’s satisfactory to you, that’s acceptable.

“But for the folks I meet, that’s unacceptable … the fact is you need 125,000 new jobs created every month just to keep up with the population increase, and all we hear from the president is negative attacks and no solutions.”

If Eric Cantor’s prediction for Virginia were to come true, it would represent a bit of an upset for Mitt Romney. Obama led in a number of presidential polls from Virginia this weekend, including a four-point lead in a poll released by PPP that also showed the president polling over 50 percent.

But Eric Cantor could have some insight into the state that pollsters are missing. As the House Majority Leader and a Congressman from Virginia, Cantor understands the electorate well in his state, having won re-election a number of times.