After A Night Of Heavy Partying, Rita Ora Starts To Strip For The Camera

Rita Ora’s holiday season was so booze-filled that at one point, she found herself in a not-so-modest situation. And even though there were pictures taken at the time, the singer admits that she has no recollection of what happened.

In one of the Rita Ora bra slips off photos that the singer of “How We Do (Party)” posted on her Instagram account, Rita can be seen right in the middle section of a swimming pool as she clutches onto her breasts as her white bra comes off. A second photo is less wild, however, and it shows a calm Rita posing in the middle of the pool showing off her well-toned body.

But while the photos do not show Rita looking wildly inebriated, the British singer insists she has no memories of the incident.

Rita Ora bra slips off

“TBH I can’t remember so there’s no caption here… LOL,” the British beauty wrote to her over 10 million followers on Instagram.

As Rita Ora bra slips off, this is not the first time that the “Hot Right Now” singer is posting racy images of herself. After the holiday season posting, she kicked off the year on a high note as far as sharing all and baring all on social media is concerned when she put up a video on Snapchat of her naked self in the bathtub. But even while wearing nothing (except two gold necklaces) she went on to sing for the camera as she enjoyed her bubble bath. With a huge social media following, the British beauty was not careless about her looks though and she made sure the saucy video looked professional by putting on makeup and adding a filter to it.

Rita Ora bra slips off

Though the British star may appear comfortable with her body and has even posed topless for a calendar, Rita recently revealed it is not the case.

“Am I body confident? No. Have I always felt that way, no. I didn’t feel great about myself today in fact. I’ve never looked at myself as being the perfect size or having the perfect body,” the 26-yeard old singer told UK’s Women’s Health.

The singer also admitted that finding the motivation to work out and stay healthy doesn’t come easy. In the same interview with the UK magazine, the hitmaker revealed that she sometimes has to trick herself into exercising. Among her favorite exercise routines are hiking with friends and dancing. And due to her busy schedule, Rita admitted that she hydrates herself adequately with each day seeing her consuming around four liters of water. This also serves to keep her awake as she is not a coffee drinker.

Other than the Rita Ora bra slips off incident, the multi-talented British beauty has also made the news this year after a failed investment in what would have been a headline-hitting invention – a device that allows women to pee while standing! Earlier in the year, Rita revealed that she lost thousands of pounds by investing in the device which was a cup that women could urinate in just about anywhere and then dispose of the waste later. At the time, Rita thought it was a brilliant idea as it could be very useful for women at festivals and concerts since they wouldn’t have to leave their places whenever nature called.

Even though Rita came into the limelight as a singer, she has recently taken on an on-screen career. She is set to appear in Fifty Shades Darker, a sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey. Rita has also taken up a role as a judge and host of America’s Next Top Model, succeeding Tyra Banks who has been the show’s long-serving host.

To replace Tyra, Rita admitted that she actually canvassed for the job herself and didn’t wait to be offered the position.