‘Once Upon A Time’ 206: ‘Tallahassee’ Recap

Once Upon a Time Episode 206, “Tallahassee” gave us more insight into how Emma and Snow are faring in present day Storybook Land and shed some light about Emma’s past. Caution: some slight spoilers.

This week’s Once Upon a Time was a fun flashback into Emma’s past. First we started right where Emma and Snow left off, trying to decide who is going up the beanstalk with Captain Hook to face the giant. They need to retrieve a magic compass that will help them return to Storybrooke.

But the real fun is learning more about her past. We see her 11 years ago in Portland, Oregon stealing a car already occupied by a car thief, cleverly named Neal Cassidy (Michael Raymond-James). Turns out before Emma was a badass bounty hunter she was a badass thief—a Bonnie to Neal’s Clyde. Can they successfully pull of their biggest heist yet and settle down in Tallahassee? Or will a key figure in Emma’s present-day life intervene to try and get her on the straight and narrow?

Back in present day Story Book Land Hook tries to get to know Emma as they make their way to the top of the beanstalk. Fans of Lost will be thrilled to see Jorge Garcia guest star as the giant. Emma and Hook are able to put him to sleep with the aid of Mulan’s sleeping powder. Can Hook stop flirting with Emma long enough for them to find the compass before the giant wakes up?

What did you think of tonight’s Once Upon a Time? Were you excited to see Jorge Garcia in Episode 206, “Tallahassee”?

Photo by Jack Rowand – © 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.